Interview: Damien Brown fresh off his win at Legend FC 9

Fresh off a fight of the night war with Wu Haotian at Legend FC 9 in Macau, Integrated MMA product Damien “Beat Down” Brown (7-3-0) was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. The 27 year old Australian Defence Force member earned a gutsy unanimous points decision win over one of the top lightweights in China, and now looks to the future where he reveals a shot at the Legend FC title is one of his goals. 

Fight News Australia: Congratulations on an impressive win over a tough opponent at Legend FC 9, were you happy with your performance? 

Damien Brown: Thanks mate. Definitely happy with the performance it was a tough fight but I was happier with the fact that I beat him against his strength being his ground game. 

Fight News Australia: How did you pull up after the fight? 

Damien Brown: Initially I was exhausted more then I have been from any other fight. Nothing a good weeks rest won’t fix. I feel good now and ready to start training again so couldn’t be better really. 

Fight News Australia:  Can you tell us a bit about where you grew up and where you live now?  

Damien Brown: I grew up in Albury all except a few years as a teen. And then after returning and completing my trade I left for Brisbane. I joined the Army after a couple of years in Brisbane and spent just over 5 yrs in Townsville. Now I’m back in Brisbane still in the Army and training out of Integrated Mixed Martial Arts. 

Fight News Australia: How long have you been training MMA and what got you first interested in Martial Arts? 

Damien Brown: I’ve been doing MMA for about 3 and 1/2 years and the reason I started was to get back into some kind of fitness. I did 7 years of Zen Do Kai as a child and thought what better way to increase my fitness then to start martial arts again. 

Fight News Australia: You lost your first Legend FC bout to Koji Ando back in February, how much pressure was there to get your hand raised this time?  

Damien Brown: Last time I was very nervous for my first overseas fight but this time I felt quietly confident and felt very little pressure. I knew I had to win for myself, my team and all my fans but I felt no more pressure then any other fight. 

Fight News Australia: You were very emotional at the end of the fight, what was going through your mind at that point? 

Damien Brown: I knew fighting a Chinese fighter in china that I had to convince the judges I’d done enough to win and I was just relieved that the decision went my way in what was a very tough fight. 

Fight News Australia: Wu is extremely active off his back and you did well to defend his submission attempts, was that something you knew about him and trained for? 

Damien Brown: I took the fight on only 3 weeks notice but I did know that he was from a wrestling/Jiu Jitsu background and his most recent win was over Daniel hooker via RNC. I always train everything in the gym just to be sure I can take the fight anywhere so I was happy for the fight to go to ground. I was confident that I could handle his ground game going into the fight. 

Fight News Australia: In the second round he caught you with two nasty looking up-kicks, how much did they knock you around and was there ever a point where he really had you worried? 

Damien Brown: The up-kicks were illegal under Legend’s rules but at the time I never felt like they rocked me I just kept pushing through but I think looking back on the video maybe they rattled me a bit. Like I say I didn’t really feel like they did I just kept top position and pushed on. 

Fight News Australia: You were originally scheduled to be on the card before logistical reasons with your work forced you to withdraw. How does it feel after all that to then get the green light again, fly over and get the win? 

Damien Brown: I was extremely relieved when work let me go because I’ve spent so much time training and preparing for the last couple of years and I felt like it was taken from under me. In saying that I was just happy to be there, the win made it so much more worth it. 

Fight News Australia: Can you tell us a bit about your job in the Australian Defense Force, what roll do you play and how long have you been doing that? 

Damien Brown: Originally I was in infantry but 2 years ago I transferred to become a Physical Training Instructor. I basically train soldiers in all aspects of physical fitness and rehabilitation in their preparation for carrying out their job and also reconditioning once they’re finished exercises etc. It’s very enjoyable and also allows me time to conduct my own physical conditioning to help maintain fitness and prepare for anything coming up. 

Fight News Australia: What’s next for you and what are some long term goals you have? 

Damien Brown: My short term plan is to get back to the gym and learn as much as possible before my next fight is planned. I hope to be back on Legend FC very soon or fighting in Brisbane in front of my family. In the long term I would like to fight for a Legend FC title and just be the best I can be and reach the highest level possible so I’ll wait and see where my success takes me. I think it’s everyone’s goal to hit the UFC but that’s definitely a long term goal. 

Fight News Australia: Thanks very much Damien, is there anyone you would like to thank? 

Damien Brown: Thanks for the interview and thanks to my family and friends that support me everyday including my beautiful wife. Thanks to my sponsors ASN Brisbane, Prodigy Fit for their support and the team sponsors ASN southport, QA signs, All Type Cabinets, MMA sports mag, Fairtex and Atomic Fm. Last of all thanks to all my training partners and my coaches Dan Higgins, Adrian Pang and Steve Compton.

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