Matt Frincu knocked out in RUF MMA title fight

Matthew Frincu’s attempt at claiming the RUF MMA welterweight title came undone after the 25-year-old Arizona based Australian was knocked out by Joel Champion.

The event took place at the Tucson Arena in Arizona and was broadcast live via an online stream on the promotions facebook page.

Champion started aggressively and immediately came forward before Frincu countered with a strong kick to the mid-section. Champion shot in for a double leg takedown and was forced to work for it only for Frincu to get straight back up while taking little damage. Against the cage, Frincu looked for the knee up the middle and used his angles to escape.

Frincu took centre of the cage as the two combatants exchanged singular strikes before an overhand right from Champion, found it’s mark and sent Frincu crashing to the canvas. The 31-year-old American followed up with a pair of strikes on the ground that sent Frincu out cold and the referee jumping in to end the contest only roughly 90-seconds into the bout.

It’s a big loss for Frincu whose record drops to 13-4 and notably 9-3 since making the move to North America. Champion, picks up the biggest win of his career and moves to 5-1.

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