Robert Lisita Interview Part 2 – May 2013

Robert Lisita 2

We conclude our interview with Australian featherweight weight Robert Lisita who in part two talks about the upcoming fight between Adrian Pang and Jai Bradney match-up, with Lisita having close links to both fighters as well as his love for boxing.

Lisita has been announced to be partaking on the Adrenalin – Unleashed event scheduled for June 29 and being headlined by two fighters that Lisita has close links with being Jai Bradney and Adrian Pang. An opponent is expected to be announced very shortly. 

Before you start reading part two, make sure to read part one of the in-depth interview.

Fight News Australia: Is there a particular rule you think is missing from MMA?

Lisita: I like the Legend Fighting Championships rule of knees to the head of a grounded opponent are cool, you can’t put your hand on the ground in a real fight to protect yourself. soccer kicks are a bit too dangerous. we trying to finish our opponent, but not kill him.

Fight News Australia: On the topic of Legend FC, how have you found your experiences fighting there compared to Australia?

Lisita: Night and day! You get picked up from the airport, get taken to a 5-star hotel, get an envelope with your meal allowance and schedule including what time the photo shoot is, what time pre-fight interview is, and weigh-ins are at 1pm so you have plenty of time to recover. They play a live feed of the fights to the dressing rooms, so you get motivated and go and fight with all your heart. They make you feel they are grateful you are fighting and not only the fighter being grateful for the fight. It has to work both ways

Fight News Australia: Have you had an correspondence if you will be returning to Legend FC?

Lisita: Yes I have a good relationship with Legend Promoter Mike Haskamp. I’ll be on Legend FC again soon enough. They want me there! I want to be there but they can’t force guys if there scarred to fight me.

Fight News Australia: Your close to both Jai Bradney and Adrian Pang. Excited for their match-up?

Lisita: So excited. I’m mates with both these guys and respect them so much but as a fight fan I’ve wanted to see them punch on for years.

Fight News Australia: Safe to say that the crowd will be the winner on the night they clash?

Lisita: For sure. That’s why I wanna be on the card so bad. But of course I’m gonna try to steal the show.

Fight News Australia: What international fighters or people in general inspire you?

Lisita: Man I have so many – Kazushi Sakuraba, Marco “The king of the streets” Ruas, Tatsuya Kawajiri, Dan Henderson , Eddie Alvarez , Miguel Cotto, Brandon Rios, Manny Pacquiao I could go on all day.

Fight News Australia: So just as much a boxing fan as MMA?

Lisita: Yeah definitely. Boxing sparring is probably the most enjoyable part of training. The first Mike Alvarado vs Brandon Rios bout is my favourite boxing fight ever! I’ve seen it like 20 times.

Fight News Australia: Pacquaio is coming off a loss. Do you give Rios a chance at making it two straight losses when they face-off?

Lisita: Manny is the man but Rios is aggressive, hits hard and has an awesome chin and big balls. You can never count a fighter like that out.

Fight News Australia: Do you believe boxing missed an opportunity in putting on the Mayweather vs Pacquaio fight before Manny lost recently?

Lisita: That fight was never gonna happen. I like Manny way more but if you want to be the best you have to take the test and Manny didn’t want to.

Fight News Australia: Does it frustrate you to see the boxing vs MMA comparisons all the time?

Lisita: What ever! People like to complain! It’s in our nature. You can see how much I love boxing but if two great fighters had a real fight, no rules, the MMA fighter would most likely win.

Fight News Australia: I believe the same if a MMA fighter took on a boxer under boxing rules correct?

Lisita: Correct – If all I did was train boxing everyday I’d be a way better boxer, but in MMA we have to train many disciplines but boxers only focus on one. That’s why there so much better with there hands. But MMA is weird you have to bastardise everything. A boxer in an MMA fight will not even look like the same guy. The gloves, clinching and takedown makes you box very different.

Fight News Australia: When everything is said and done and your career is over. What do you want to be remembered as?

Lisita: I realise I might not make the UFC, big money and all of that. I just love to fight! I’m a fan first so I want to have the fights I’d like to watch and if I can achieve my goals of becoming Combat8 Champion, hold the Legend FC belt then by the end of 2014, I want to become Australian Welterweight boxing champ. If I do that I think I have the right to say for a period of time I was the toughest man in all of Australia at 66-kilograms.

Fight News Australia: In finishing any friends, family and sponsors you would like to thank?

Lisita: Thanks mate any time! My wife Karla and my daughters Mia and Elizabeth! Phuket Top Team, Integrated MMA, Boyd Clark, Phuket Pro Nutrition, Havokk Fightwear. Ink house tattoo.

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