Arlene Blencowe defeats Gabrielle Holloway at Bellator 146

Australia’s Arlene Blencowe made her way back to the USA, for her third Bellator MMA fight this year, taking on wrestler Gabrielle Holloway today at Bellator 146. Blencowe came into the fight looking to get back into the winner’s column following a loss to MMA veteran, and highly touted featherweight, Marloes Coenen, back in August of this year. “Angerfist” made her promotional debut at bellator 137 in May where she stopped Adrienna Jenkins.

Despite the fight going the distance, and spending much of it on the ground, outside of Blencowe’s comfort zone, the Aussie secured the split decision win (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) .

Bellator 146 is headlined by Hisaki Kato vs Melvin Manhoef live from Thackerville, Oaklahoma, USA.

The play-by-play of the fight is courtesy of Sherdog.

Round 1

Blencowe edges toward Holloway, tagging her with right crosses and low kicks until stepping into a clinch. Holloway turns her around, but Blencowe disengages, landing a knee on the break. Blencowe gets right back to work with her striking, forcing Holloway into a sloppy shot from far outside, stuffing it, then working a headlock. She gets sloppy and Holloway rolls into a takedown, claiming top position. Holloway moves to half control, knuckling Blencowe and trying to move to full mount, but the Australian regains full guard. Blencowe shrimps back to the fence, striking from back, then sliding to her feet via the cage wall. Blencowe misses a Superman punch, but follows up with two grazing rights that prompt another stuffed Holloway shot.

Round 2

Blencowe backs Holloway down once more, but Holloway uses a front kick to keep distance, then shoots and puts her down. This time, “Gabanator” moves into full mount quickly, basing down and landing grinding punches on the Australian. Blencowe arches her hips, but can’t muster any explosion to escape as Holloway works her mount higher, then lands a hard torrent of forearms. Blencowe turns, Holloway tries to take her back but Blencowe shakes her off and winds up in full guard. When Blencowe tries to throw some punches, Holloway frames up a triangle, then switches to an armbar as Blencowe stacks her. Blencowe stays low and breaks the armbar posture, then yanks herself out of Holloway’s guard with two minutes left in the round. They stand up, Holloway dives in on a low single, picks Blencowe’s leg up, then trips her right out. Holloway back on top in full guard in the center of the cage, but it goes nowhere, leading to referee Jason Herzog standing the women up. Blencowe chases Holloway again, but Holloway surprises with a head kick that slows her roll. Holloway gets in on another takedown late, but nearly winds up in a Blencowe triangle at the bell.

Round 3

Blencowe is again aggressive in her pursuit, lunging into the clinch with knees to the body as Holloway tries to toss her to the mat. Blencowe controls Holloway’s hips as the American turns and tries to toss her, then pushes away. Holloway shoots another low single, but Blencowe defends and forces her to turtle, but the Aussie gets too aggressive trying to take Holloway’s back, and winds up getting tripped onto her back again. Both women boxing one another’s ears from Blencowe’s full guard. Blencowe shrimps back to the fence and works back to her feet, but Holloway stays glued to her waist and works her way to an outside trip, landing in Blencowe’s half guard with just over two minutes left to fight, then quickly passing into full mount. Blencowe eats a few shots, but then kicks off the fence to escape, rushing at Holloway with punches. In the scramble, Holloway rolls for a takedown and eats a knee from Blencowe while downed, so the action is paused while Holloway takes a moment to recover. On the restart, the women touch gloves, then trade hard kicks to the body. Holloway shoots a single, Blencowe sprawls and tries to take the back again. Her first attempt is unsuccessful, but on the second attempt, she goes over the top, grabbing Holloway’s right arm and locking on an armbar. She extends it for a moment, but Holloway alleviates the pressure and waits out the bell with Blencowe clinging to her wrist.

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