Tai Tuivasa gets put to sleep with an arm triangle by Sergey Spivak at UFC 243

Western Sydney’s Tai Tuivasa has fallen short at UFC 243.

The heavyweight was submitted by Sergey Spivak by an arm-triangle choke in the second round.

Tuivasa started the fight well landing a thunderous leg kick that dropped Spivak. Tuivasa pressed forward and landed a number more leg kicks before Spivak started to time the shots and catch the kicks and take Tuivasa down.

Tuivasa appeared to tire in the second round with Spivak securing another takedown and getting the mount position. From their, Tuivasa was no longer able to get back to his feet, with Spivak collecting the arm and securing the arm triangle. Tuivasa refused to tap to the choke with the ref being forced to intervene as Tuivasa fell unconscious.

Tuivasa came into the UFC undefeated but is now on a three-fight losing skid. The loss brings Tuivsa’s professional record to 8-3.

The win was Spivak’s first in the UFC and improves his professional record to 9-2.

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