Tafa wins grudge match at Glory 55

Brisbane’s Junior Tafa made light work of American fighter Anthony McDonald yesterday in their fight at Glory 55 in New York, winning the bout via TKO in the first round.

After almost a year of both fighters trading barbs over social media, the two heavyweights finally met in centre ring to decide the grudge match.

Ranked number nine and number twelve respectively in the Glory Heavyweight division, both Tafa and McDonald promised fireworks, but it was really only Tafa who delivered on his promise, comprehensively beating his American opponent within one round.

Starting strong from the opening bell, McDonald began with a flurry of roundhouse kicks that scored well but did little to stop Tafa moving forward. Absorbing McDonald’s early shots, it was Tafa who then went searching with his powerful hands and knees, landing a left hook that sent McDonald to the canvas for an eight-count.

Not having recovered fully from the first knockdown, Tafa took advantage, unloading on McDonald knocking him down a further two times. The third knockdown put a stop to the bout with Glory’s three-knockdown rule in place.

With two knockout wins in four fights, Tafa continues his climb with the North American promotion and is looking ahead to higher ranked opponents.

“Anyone in the top five, come at me, I’m ready” Tafa proclaimed in his post-fight interview.

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