TUF Nations: Episode 6 Recap – Sheldon Westcott submits Daniel Kelly

Sheldon Westcott

The latest episode of TUF Nations – Australia vs Canada, starts off with Australian Richard Walsh discussing his fight against Matthew Deroches in the last episode. The Aussie team celebrate by playing in the snow, with youngster Jake Matthews taking off his gear to do a nude run around the lodge while being pelted by snowballs by his fellow team-mates.

Talk of semi-final match-ups has started with Chad Laprise doing up self-written contract requesting to take on Richard Walsh and placing it on the fridge. Tensions has also started to build between Laprise and Kajan Johnson with both fighters wanting a shot at Walsh. Walsh on the otherhand does favour a fight with Johnson.

Westcott visited hospital to get an examination on his injured knee and was given the go-ahead for the upcoming bout against Daniel Kelly.

At training Jake Matthews complains about a stomach ache. His assistant Israel Martinez a hard talking to, advising him to get over it and get back to training. Matthews obliges.

With both Kelly and Westcott making weight successfully, an announcement is made that both teams will be able to watch the George St Pierre vs Johny Hendricks fight. 

When the fight began, it would be the Canadian Westcott who would take the centre of the cage, slamming 36 year-old Kelly to the mat. An Olympic Judoka, Kelly scrambled back to his feet only to be taken down again. Westcott attempted to take the back but Kelly was able to wriggle out. Westcott again took the fight to the ground and transitions straight to a arm-triangle choke forcing the Australian to tap. 

Kelly immediately grabs his knee, while the Canadian team celebrate. Several members of the Australian teams take exception at the way the Canadian team celebrated, while Kelly laid injured in the cage. 

With the win, Canada moved to 4-2. Next week it will be a battle of youngsters as Olivier Aubin-Mercier comes up against Jake Matthews.

Watch the on FX Australia on Thursday from 4:30pm AEDT.