Roots 2: Jammin Results

Event: Roots 2: Jammin
Date: Saturday, March 4th 2017
Venue: St Kilda Town Hall, VIC


  • Jesse March def. Elliot Glenister via Decision (Majority)
  • Aliks Pierlot vs. Spring Sia Split Draw
  • James Hackett def. Nathan Culhane via Decision (Split)
  • Dylan Walker def. Kyle Sferco via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Rob Thomson def. Daniel Mallon via Decision (Split)
  • Miki Purcell def. Max Kapoustine via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Igor Pejic def. Jon Rig via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Natalie Walker def. Kelly Ramsbottom via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Jenna Bryan def. Sanni Shamaani via TKO, Rd 1
  • Emmanuel Fabry def. Michael Bacalja via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Sarah-Jane Rangi def. Talia Pranskunas via Decision (Split)
  • Lilian Dikmans def. Kiri Dale via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Andrew Smith def. Daniel Pankos via Decision (Split)
  • Nicole Auo def. Milka Themalko via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Michael Knuckey def. Carter Lawrence via Decision (Majority)
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