Q&A with Brentin Mumford ahead of Eternal MMA 29

An important fight in the lightweight division goes down this Saturday at Eternal MMA 29 with Brentin Mumford challenging the promotion’s current lightweight champion Callan Potter, who will be looking for his seventh win in a row.

Fight News Australia caught up with Brentin Mumford for a quick question & answer interview.

FNA: You are just a few days out from a title fight against Callan Potter, how are you travelling?

MUMFORD: I’m feeling really good.

FNA: For those that may be reading about you for the first time, can you let us know your MMA record & accomplishments and who your coaches and notable training partners are?

MUMFORD: My MMA record is 9 wins, 3 losses and 1 disqualification. This fight camp I spent a lot of time with Brad Riddell and the Hickman brothers at Tiger Muay Thai along with Daniel Almeida and Richard Walsh once I was home. I’ve been training with so many good guys at Tiger Muay Thai that the list is too long to name them all.

FNA: Between 2014 to mid 2016 you went through a tough period of losses and cancelled bouts. Did you ever feel discouraged and were considering your options in the sport? To turn it around did you make significant adjustments and if so what?

MUMFORD: Yeah, I had some injuries and back-to-back losses which sucked. I mainly just changed my approach to each fight mentally. That’s been the biggest thing I believe.

FNA: It certainly has made a difference. You’ve secured spectacular stoppages in your last two outings. First against former UFC veteran Ben Wall and most recently, a spinning heel-kick knockout of Greg Atzori. How important was it for you to not only win, but to make a statement against the likes of Wall & Atzori?

MUMFORD: I think it’s pretty important to not only win but to do it in a way people will remember. Exposure is the key to being successful in this sport it seems these days.

FNA: Potter is himself known for crowd pleasing knock-outs though has won the majority by submission. Where are you expecting the fight to take place and what strengths do you see him bringing?

MUMFORD: He is strong everywhere so who knows where it will end up. See it will be who has the better game plan and who can execute it better. He has put some good wins together but he has also taken some shots to get them so I’m not sure what his approach will be for this one. Either way it’s a fight so anything can happen.

FNA: Both you and Potter in the last 12-18 months have made a statement in the local lightweight ranks with some impressive stoppages. Where do you see a victory over Potter propelling you next?

MUMFORD: I’m not really sure. Baby steps and see what come up.

FNA: Earlier in the year, Potter had been campaigning via social media for a shot in the UFC after securing his sixth win in a row. Not trying to look too far ahead, but do you feel a win over him justifies a shot in the UFC or is there another lightweight locally that you feel you need to defeat?

MUMFORD: Who knows? UFC contracts are one in a million it seems so I’ll get the win and see what comes up. I would like to rematch Kieren Joblin at some stage. I’m still bitter about that fight and some things that were said.

FNA: Care to specify what was said. Was it something that was said in the lead-up or post-fight?

MUMFORD: A month or so after the fight maybe. Just some shit talk back and forward. I would just like that fight although it doesn’t really make sense at the moment but would be good to play it out again.

FNA: One last question, come fight time, what’s the last thing you whisper to yourself before the ref commences the bout?

MUMFORD: “This is gonna be fun” haha