Pro File: Kairin Moses

MosesKairinIIKairin Moses
Age: 29
Place of Birth: Waitangi, New Zealand
Fighting out of: Gladstone, Queensland
Gyms/Affiliations: Beast Martial Arts Academy, Gladstone
Weight Division: Bantamweight
Pro MMA Record: 2-1-0
Amateur MMA Record: 2-2-0
Other Combat Sports Records or Participated in: N/A

FNA: When and how were you first introduced to martial arts?

Moses: I started martial arts in 2009 I was always interested in fighting. It took me a while but I finally made the decision to join a gym and I’m pretty sure it was the best decision I’ve made so far.

FNA: Describe your martial arts background. If no prior background to MMA, what sports did you play?

Moses: I didn’t really have a martial arts background or play sports before I joined my first martial arts gym. I spent most of my free time skateboarding with my mates.

FNA: Do you remember the first time you actually saw an MMA fight?

Moses: Forrest Griffuin vs Stefen Bonnar. It was the craziest s**t I’d ever seen. I was instantly an MMA fan.

FNA: What would you say are your strongest attributes in MMA?

Moses: I would say my boxing and grappling.

FNA: How would you describe your fighting style?

Moses: Entertaining!

FNA: Who do you like watching fight, locally and internationally?

Moses: My favourite local fighters to watch are Jai Bradney, Adrian Pang, Karl Patterson, Kaela Banney and Ryan Lambert. Internationally I like watching Mike Tyson, Anderson Silva, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, Connor McGregor and Cain Velasquez.

FNA: Of all your fights to date, which one is the most memorable and why?

Moses: Aden Hawke – Carnage in the Cage 6, because it was the first fight I’d managed to secure in three years. I had to wade through a heap of B.S. to make it happen but I finally got there and got the job done. Thank you to all that helped me during that time! You know who you are.

FNA: What are your short and long-term goals in MMA?

Moses: My short-term goal is to win the Aftershock bantamweight title this weekend. My long-term goal is to enjoy my MMA career as much as I can while it’s still going.

FNA: What are you expecting from your next bout against Trent Girdham on Aftershock?

Moses: A good fight. He’s a tough opponent and I’m looking forward to it.

FNA: Sponsors/supporter shootouts?

Moses: Shoutout to my boys Matty Martin, Jason Hoad, Ryan Lambert, Karl Patterson, Bradley Rowlands, Jaymes Tribe. Also Maely Soares Silver at Round 1(like the R1 page on FB). Everyone back home who follows and supports me (212, The Chathams, Dud City) and to everyone I’ve trained under and with in the past, thank you all. And my missus Shannon, gotta thank the missus 🙂


Started Martial Arts training after watching Mr Miyagi and Daniel-son in Karate Kid back in 1987. By the time MMA arrived many years later, I was hooked. Coverage of local MMA was via scarce posts on forums like the Underground and Sherdog. I embarked on covering the sport in 2002 and since then have written thousands of articles for both print and online media, before branching out and starting Fight News Australia in 2010. Outside the site, I dream of riding in an F1 car or a Jet Fighter. Anyone have a spare one lying around?