Play-by-play of Hector Lombard vs Yushin Okami & Mark Hunt vs Stefan Struve

Hector Lombard

The jam-packed run of UFC events continues today where Wanderlei Silva returns to Japan to face Brian Stann in the main event of UFC on Fuel TV 8. 

The event will be held at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

On the main card portion of the card Sydney based Mark Hunt will take on Yushin Okami while a favourite of Australian fans Hector Lombard will look to make it two straight wins in the Octagon when he faces local fighter Yushin Okami.

The main-card will be broadcast in Australia on Fuel TV with the card scheduled to start at 2pm AEDT. 

For those that can’t watch it, Fight News Australia will do a live play-by-play of both the Hector Lombard vs Yushin Okami fight as well as the Mark Hunt vs Stefan Struve bout.

Hector Lombard (32-3, 1NC) vs Yushin Okami (28-7)

Round 1:
Herb Dean the referee for this fight. Lombard takes centre of the Octagon. Okami missed with a left. Lombard pushing forward and Okami with early leg kicks. Leg kick by Lombard but caught by Okami who puts Lombard on his back. Didn’t take long for Lombard to explode back to his feet. Okami lands with a jab as Lombard came forward. Nice right by Lombard and follows that up with a left. Connects with another left uppercut. Okami slips under a hook from Lombard and gets the take-down again. Okami on top in half-guard as they slide towards the cage. Lombard works his way back to his feet. Okami has Lombard pinned against the cage as Lombard reverses before the round ended. 10-9 Okami.

Round 2:
Okami comes down the middle with a knee that grazes Lombard. Fighters exchange leg kicks. Lombard struggling to close that distance as Okami lands another jab. Okami lands with one-two as Lombard returns  with a body shot. Okami with a single attempt which puts Lombard on his back. Okami again in half-guard where he landing the occasional short strike. Lombard attempting to strike back off his back. Okami passes to mount as Lombard attempts to wriggle out but Okami remains tight in mount as the round ends. 10-9 Okami

Round 3:
Lombard comes out hard pressuring Okami. Lands a hook that hurts Okami. His on wobbly legs as Lombard continues coming forward. Okami misses with a knee. A failed take-down attempt by Okami who flops back to his back. Lombard jumps on top in half-guard immediately. Okami off his back and trying to work the single leg. Lombard transitions to the side as Okami holds on to the single leg. Okami gives up on the single leg and goes to his back. Lombard follows him into guard but shortly after stands up. Both fighters back on their feet. Another failed single leg from Okami as Lombard jumps on top of him. Working from inside the closed guard as the round ends. 10-9 Lombard

Fight News Australia scores it 29-28 to Yushin Okami

Official Verdict: Yushin Okami def Hector Lombard via Decision (Split – 29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Mark Hunt (8-7) vs Stefan Struve (25-5)

Round 1:
Herb dean the referee for this one. Hunt comes in early but doesn’t land anything clean. Hunt witha shot to the belly and a leg kick. Front kick from Struve to the mid-section. Both connect with a jab. The fighters clinch and Struve pulls guard. Struve uses the butterfly guard to sweep Hunt. Now in mount position but Hunt regains half-guard. Struve though works back into mount position  Postures up and connects with punches. Hunt rolls out, and Struve wraps up the belly down armbar. Hunt remained calm and escapes into guard. Hunt lands a nice right. Hunt moves to side-control as the round ends. 10-10 Draw

Round 2:
Hunt lands a nice punch early as Struve starting to find his range with a jab. Left hook finds it’s mark from Hunt. Hunt lands a body shot as Struve returns with a straight. Struve closed the distance and Hunt swept Struve to the ground. Working to pass guard. Struve attacks the leg but Hunt works back into guard and shortly after moves to side-control. Struve works back to his feet but a failed take-down attempt puts Struve back into mount.  He starts unloading with punches. Struve goes for the armbar attempt but Hunt gets out and is back inside guard. 10-9 Hunt 

Round 3:
Could be anyone’s fight going into the last round. Hunt starts with a body punch. Then lands a big right, then left hook that stunned Struve. Hunt going in for the kill as Struve returns with a jab. Struve lands a head kick that lands flush on Hunt. Lands another right as Hunt backs up only to return with a big right which rock Struve. Hunt comes forward lands more shots and finally landed a left hook that ended the fight. Hunt walked away immediately as the referee hesitated to stop the fight before finally halting the action.

Winner: Mark Hunt def Stefan Struve via TKO (Punches), Rd 3, 1:44