Muay Thai: Michael Thompson loses decision to Kevin Ross at Lion Fight 16


Australian Michael Thompson has gone down via a unanimous decision to American fighter Kevin Ross on Friday night in Las Vegas. The two headlined the Lion Fight 16 Muay Thai event, held at The Pearl, Palms Casino which was also broadcast live on on AXS television in North America.

Thompson struggled to overcome the heavy reach difference to go down 50-45, 49-46 and 49-46 on all three judges’ cards.

With the win, Ross takes his record to 30-8 and takes home the Lion Fight super-lightweight title. “Michael’s a beast … (My corner was) telling me to throw (the knee) the whole fight. I can’t believe he took it man, because it was loud,” said Ross post-fight.

Sherdog play-by-play of the fight between Michael Thompson and Kevin Ross:


Ross leads with a low kick. Straight jab by Thompson. Nice left hand by Thompson that followed a jab by Ross. Thompson lands a glancing left hook to the top of Ross’ head. Hard kick to the body from the American. Thompson throws a sizzling right uppercut on the inside but it just misses its target. It’s a high-paced affair thus far, though nothing powerful has landed yet. Jab-jab-leg kick by Ross. Thompson lunges in with an overhand right but it’s a glancing blow. Hard kick to the ribs by Ross that punctuates an eventful, close round. 10-9 Ross.


They exchange blows right away, but nothing clean lands. Ross delivers a solid right to the jaw. Hard low kick by Thompson. Another. Thompson leaps in with a right hand but misses, eating a grazing counter left. He falls onto his gloves but Mazzagatti rules it a slip. Nice jab/right by Ross, followed by another low kick. Stiff jab by Thompson stops Ross’ attack briefly. Right to the head/right leg sweep by Ross sends Thompson to the canvas. Big overhand right by the Aussie misses. Ross ducks under a right hand and then digs a left/right to the body. They clinch and Ross violently slams Thompson to the canvas right at the bell. 10-9 Ross.


Nice left hand by Thompson, only to be countered by a stinging right leg kick. Ross is patiently stalking down his foe now; he’s in total control. Leg kick by the Dublin, CA fighter. Another. Another. Ross goes to the body with his shin now. Thompson unfurls a wicked left hook but Ross ducks under it. Left/right to the face by Thompson. Hard, crackling leg kick by Ross. Ross traps his foe in a corner and drops a right knee into his stomach and then follows it with a right cross to the face. They separate and Thompson lands a knee to the gut. Short right hand to the cheek by Ross snaps Thompson’s head sideways. They clinch at the bell. 10-9 Ross.


They trade blows but Ross’ right foot is caught. Thompson tries to sweep him but Ross reverses position and slams him to the canvas. They’re up and it looks like Ross has a cut on his forehead. Thompson leaps in with a wild overhand right, missing by a foot. Hard leg kick by Ross. Another. Ross cracks him in the body. Left hook by the Aussie is blocked. Jab-jab by Thompson, but Ross gets past it with a right hand. Thompson, with his back to the corner, lands a push kick to get free. During an exchange, Ross unloads a head kick but he pulls back at the last second; his foot rests behind Thompson’s ear. Left hook by Thompson is a glancing one. Kick to the ribs by Ross. Thompson ends the round with a knee to the sternum. Closer round but Ross still got it. 10-9 Ross.


Thompson likely needs a massive, dramatic round in order to go back home with the W. They briefly hug and then get right down to business. Ross throws a few left jabs and then digs a right/left uppercut combo to the body. Thompson misses with a left hook, leaving him open for a grazing head kick. Thompson sneaks in a right uppercut as Ross stalks himself into punching range. Leg kick by the American. Jab-jab-jab by Thompson, who follows with a right to the face. Another leg kick by Ross. Thompson throws a left/right but Ross blocks them both. They clinch and Ross digs a few knees to his foe’s side. Ross misses with a wild right head kick late. With 20 seconds left, Thompson needs a miracle. Huge flying knee crashes on Thompson’s face! He’s hurt and clinches. Ross slams him down. They’re up but times runs out. 10-9 Ross (50-45 Ross).


Kevin Ross Def. Michael Thompson Decision (Unanimous) [50-45, 49-46, 49-46] R5 3:00

In the co-main event, Tiffany Van Soest stopped Italian opponent Sindy Huyer under somewhat controversial circumstances. The former champion was on the way to winning the fight, when in the final stanza she landed a front-kick that landed flush on Huyer’s face. Huyer turned to fix her sports bra, and the referee chose to wave off the contest.

Van Soest took the opportunity to call out Australian Caley Reece who defeated Van Soest earlier this year to take the title. “I want my belt back!” Van Soest yelled. “I’m coming for my belt! I’m getting it back!”

Main Card Results:

  • Kevin Ross def Michael Thompson via Decision (Unanimous: 50-45, 49-46, 49-46)
  • Tiffany Van Soest def Sindy Huyer via TKO (Referee Stoppage), Rd 5, 0:56
  • Rungravee Sasiprapa def Adrian Morilla via Decision (Unanimous: 48-47, 49-46, 49-45)
  • Gaston Bolanos def Tyler Toner via TKO (Corner Stoppage), Rd 1
  • Casey Parlett def Josh Separd via Decision (Split: 48-46, 46-48, 49-45)

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