Michael Tobin & Tristan Murphy capture Eternal Titles

Michael Tobin Eternal MMA 2

Newly changed Shindo New Breed fighter Michael Tobin (pictured left) kept his undefeated record alive today with another first round submission, this time defeating David Greaves to capture the Eternal MMA Featherweight Title.

The fight headlined the Eternal MMA 2 event held at the Runaway Bay Community Centre on the Gold Coast, Queensland and was one of two title fights on the night which also featured a four-man one-night Bantamweight Tournament (Story here).

As the title fight started, Tobin quickly pressed the action against the cage as Greaves landed knees and stayed away from the early throws from Tobin before the constant pressure from got the fight to the ground as Tobin landed inside guard. Greaves made room from the bottom and landed a short up-kick before Tobin came forward and attacked with a toe hold. Greaves escaped and got the top position where positioned up and landed big punches. Greaves momentarily left himself open as Tobin attacked with an armbar. Greaves escaped but shortly after was caught in triangle choke where he struggled to get free before the referee jumped in to stop the fight as Greaves went unconscious. 

Tobin will return to fight for the XFC Featherweight Title against Adrian Rodriguez on the XFC 20 card while Greaves got some good news on the weekend with the Integrated MMA fighter becoming engaged on the day of the fight.

Southside MMA fighter Tristan Murphy came from behind to capture the vacant Eternal MMA Welterweight Title with a late submission over PUMMA fighter Shane Gregory who was dropping down from Middleweight for the first time. The event was an elbow-fest with both fighters landing elbows from the top and the bottom.

As the fight began, Gregory got the early takedown however inside the guard, Murphy locked up a tight triangle and tried to open up Gregory with solid elbows from the bottom before Murphy was able to escape the submission attempt. Gregory then returned elbows of his own from the top with many getting through the defense of Murphy. Late in the round, Gregory went for an armbar but Murphy stayed aware of it and managed to counter as both fighters finished an action paced first round.

Both guys were showing the marks of a hectic first-round with Murphy getting double-checked by the doctor while Gregory showing signs of a hematoma on his forehead. Gregory again got the early takedown. Murphy reversed and attempted and went for the choke submission only for Gregory to land more elbows from inside guard. Gregory controlled a majority of the round there until Murphy escaped to his knees and rolled for the knee-bar late in the round. Gregory grimaced but escaped and landed some shots just before the round ended.

Tristan Murphy Eternal MMA

Gregory started the third exactly the same as he had started the previous two with getting an early takedown where he was able to this time get to side-control. Murphy (pictured above) recovered though and regained guard where he locked up the americana submission which allowed him to roll Gregory and get the tap at 1:42 of the third-round.

A great come-from-behind victory for Murphy who got a lot of credit from Gregory in his post-fight speech for showing massive heart and never giving up.  Gregory though has made it clear through social media that he would like a rematch.

Adam Corbett from the INRG/Gracie Oceania gym traveled up from Sydney to face local fighter Tim Moore who walked out with a fur coat and a dance routine to match-it. 

As the fight started, Moore went to touch gloves only for Corbett to shake his head and circle away not wanting any of it. Shortly after Corbett went for the takedown and looked to be going for a guillotine choke which Moore managed to defend. He escaped, picked up Corbett and carried him to his side of the cage before slamming him down. Corbett escaped to his feet only to be taken down again. From his back though, Corbett reversed only to be caught in a triangle-choke. Moore also secured the arm and as Corbett’s head popped free after a bit of a struggle, the arm stayed in and he was forced to tap 2:50 into the fight. 

Corbett stayed on the ground for a bit to have his arm attended to. Good victory for Moore, who had ‘Julz The Jackal’ join him to fix his hair post-fight.

After being knocked out at Fightworld Cup last month Jason Preece was looking at bouncing back when he took on Mark Small and started well as he got the early takedown. Small though got back to his feet and was able to land solid leg kicks and punches while Preece’s nose started to bleed profusely as the round ended. Preece recovered to rock Small early in the second round and chose to pull guard to recover. Preece followed him down however shortly after got caught in a triangle choke and was forced to submit. Small walked away with the win, 2:22 into the second round.

Matt Manukau and Jake Taylor started the fight like two raging bulls as they collided in the middle of the cage to a massive thump. From there Taylor got the trip takedown but Manukau scrambled and got the top position where he quickly looked to take the back. Manukau attacked with the rear-naked choke but Taylor escaped back to his feet. Manukau lands a nice short left as Taylor came forward. Taylor landed another pair of takedowns before the entertaining round ended. Manukau started the second-round with a flush head-kick as Taylor got another takedown. This time though, Taylor got hold of the leg and secured the leg-lock submission to get the tap at 1:08 of round two.

In a Womens MMA bout, Shauna Carew dominated the fight against Nusreen Isphany as her opponent Isphany showed great heart in what was the Sydney based fighters professional debut. Carew dominated with constant one-two punches as she came forward looking to in a bout that didn’t go to the ground once. In the end the decision was unanimous as Carew walked away with the unanimous decision.

Earlier on the card, Ryan Gray from The MMA Clinic gym in Perth looked impressive as he submitted Kyle Griffith unconscious with a guillotine choke only 51-seconds into the bout. Brett Jacobsen looked to be in trouble as Dean Kersey went in for the finish, only to be met by a nice counter shot that put him down in the third-round. Jacobsen finished the fight with punches on top. John Walker won a close unanimous points decision against Jamie Naera who no doubt impressed in defeat by taking the fight on three days notice while in opening fight of the night Adam Dickson defeated Jay O’Dell via a second-round TKO.

Bantamweight Grand-Prix:

  • Jacob Mahony def Shantaram Maharaj via Submission (Guillotine), Rd 1, 2:13 – Grand-Prix Final
  • Jacob Mahony def Matt George via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 2:51
  • Shantaram Maharaj def Luke Morris via Submission (Triangle Choke), Rd 2, 4:27

Eternal Featherweight Title:

  • Michael Tobin def David Greaves via Submission (Triangle Choke), Rd 1, 3:32

Eternal Welterweight Title

  • Tristan Murphy def Shane Gregory via Submission (Americana), Rd 3, 1:42


  • Tim Moore def Adam Corbett via Submission (Armbar), Rd 1, 2:50
  • Mark Small def Jason Preece via Submission (Triangle), Rd 2, 2:25
  • Jake Taylor def Matt Manukau via Submission (Leg Lock), Rd 2, 1:08
  • Shauna Carew def Nusreen Isphany via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Ryan Gray def Kyle Griffiths via Submission (Guillotine), Rd 1, 0:51
  • Brett Jacobsen def Dean Kersey via KO (Punch), Rd 3
  • John Walker def Jamie Naera via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Adam Dickson def Jay O’Dell via TKO (Knees & Punches), Rd 2, 1:09


  • KO of the Night – Brett Jacobsen 
  • Sub of the Night – Tim Moore 
  • Fight of the Night – Shantaram Maharaj vs Luke Morris