Michael Bisping responds to Lombard on TWIMMA

Michael Bisping

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping joined the team at This Week in MMA on their latest podcast and had some interesting comments for Hector Lombard.

“Listen he’s going to get defeated again in the UFC by Yushin Okami this weekend more than likely. I’m going to continue winning my fights. When I was beating guys in the UFC, he was scratching his own arse at the beginning in where ever the hell he comes from. From Peru or I don’t know, where ever he comes from. I’ve been doing this for a long long time. Hector Lombard does not concern me in the slightest.  He’ll be beaten by Yushin Okami and before we know it he’ll be fighting on the ‘B’ league. You know the ‘B’ level shows again.”

When asked about the incident with Hector Lombard in the elevator a few months ago which left Lombard commenting about the size of Bisping’s hands, Bisping responded with the following:

“Come on, come on. Just looking at him (Lombard). He looks like a caveman and he obviously has the brain of a f**king caveman. If that’s his best attempt at an insult, that I have little girls hands. Number one! I’m six foot two and I’m a pretty big guy. I haven’t got the smallest hands in the world but if that’s the best insult he can come up with then it’s quite pitiful. I feel quite sorry for him. 

Check out that and more from Bisping on the podcast which also includes interviews with Australian UFC fighter Ben Alloway and UFC Director of Operations Tom Wright who was recently in Australia to campaign for the cage to be permitted in both Victoria and Western Australia.