Martin Nguyen on Christian Lee: ‘I had something to prove’

Earlier this month KMA Top Team trained Martin Nguyen secured a big win against 18-year-old Singapore based prospect Christian “The Warrior” Lee. The two clashed on the One Championship: Heroes of the World which took place in Macau, China

Recently a guest on Dojolife with Chong & the Boss podcast, Nguyen discussed his tactics during the fight and the extra motivation he received after feeling he was being treated like a stepping stone for Lee.

I’ve been fighting longer than him even though he has been training longer than I have. I’ve had more cage time and fought in One longer than him and out of no where this guy had overtaken me and they (Christian’s supporters) were saying he was going to walk through me?

I kind of got annoyed. I had something to prove. I had to bring him back down to earth.

Nguyen, who is a former Brace title holder, spoke about his game plan and how he expected Lee to rush him early in the bout.

“Every time he comes forward, he was going to come forward with either a jab or cross. We tried to counter it and if we were in the pocket we stay in the pocket but if he rushed forward and punches aren’t working, then aim was to take him down.

“Plan A was just to counter punch, move around, get the head moving and just basically throw him off guard. After the first or second punch, or after first knockout he broke. He felt like he broke so that’s why I was pushing the pace until my thumb broke.”

Nguyen, who has already lost to current title holder Marat Gafurov, is hoping the win against Lee will springboard him back up to the top three in the promotion.

“I fought Edward Kelly. He was a high featherweight prospect. I took him out. I took out Kai Wen Li, he was on a five or six fight winning streak. I knew for some reason they were going to put me up against Christian. How I had it in my head was that they were going to use me as a stepping stone for him. I beat Christian who was on a five fight winning streak as well.

“I said to one of the guys who was interviewing me, who ever wins out of this, if it’s not a title shot should be top three for sure.”

Nguyen chokes out Lee at One: Heroes of the World, Pang drops decision to Folayang