Kieran Joblin loses decision to Alex Ricci at Triumph FC 1

New Zealand’s Kieran Joblin has lost a unanimous decision on the Triumph Fighting Championships debut card in Canada.

The event took place on Friday night at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta and was headlined by a lightweight title fight between Canadian Andrew McInnes and American Tom Gallicchio.

Joblin stepped up on a weeks notice for the clash but was unable to get pass Canadian lightweight Alex Ricci who secured the unanimous decision win.

Canadian MMA news outlet Top MMA News was on hand at the event. Here is their account of the Joblin vs Ricci bout.

Alex Ricci vs. Kieran Joblin

Round 1: Ricci looks to land first but it’s blocked. Front kick to the mid-section and Joblin ties him up. Joblin working against the cage but Ricci lands little elbows. Joblin lands to the body and looks to wrap up a single but Ricci sprawls and eventually works to guard. Joblin looks for an armbar but Ricci easily defends and passes to half guard. Joblin again working for an armbar but releases and stands. Joblin looks to drag him down but Ricci is able to scoot his back to the cage and uses it to het back to his feet. Joblin knees the thigh and Ricci gets the body lock takedown to half guard. Joblin sweeps but Ricci again gets back to his feet. Joblin working for a single and Ricci is able to stay vertical and turns him against the cage. Ricci lands a shot and a knee as round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ricci

Round 2: Ricci with a combo and a leg kick and Joblin responds. Ricci ends up in north/south and works for a guillotine choke. Ricci moves to half guard and the action stalls until referee John Braak calls for Ricci to work. Joblin working to land from the bottom and looks to take the back but Joblin is able to scramble back to his feet. Ricci knees the body but Braak wants more action and separates them. They exchange shots and again tie up on the cage with Joblin looking for a single. Ricci is able to stuff it and back to north/south. Ricci moves to the back but no hooks and Joblin takes his guard back. Joblin climbs up for an armbar attempt but Ricci connects with a solid shot. Joblin works for a heel hook in the dying seconds but doesn’t have time to finish and eats an elbow for his troubles. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ricci

Round 3: Nice leg kick chops Joblin down and Ricci follows him to the mat. Joblin looking for a single but Ricci works for a guillotine. Joblin back to his feet and keeps working for the takedown. He really needs to switch up his approach if he hopes to win this fight. Ricci content to defend the takedown and chip away with elbows and little punches. Joblin to his feet but Ricci brings him right back to the mat. Ricci has one of the most calm and polite corners I’ve ever heard. Very Greg Jackson-esque. Joblin lands a half-dozen little punches but very little other offence. Ricci hammerfists to the body and defends a sweep to stay on top. Ricci into full guard. Joblin working for subissions from the bottom but Ricci defending well. Joblin with a rolling knee bar and Ricci is in a bad spot but he defends and is able to free mimself from trouble. Ricci takes the back and lands a few more as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ricci

The final judges scorecards came back as 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 in the favour of Ricci who moved his professional record to 10-3. The loss halted a five fight win streak for Joblin who drops to 16-7.

Full Results:

  • Andrew McInnes def Tom Gallichio via TKO (Punches), Rd 4, 4:48 – Triumph FC lightweight title
  • Daniel Swain def Sabah Fadai via Submission (Triangle Choke), Rd 2, 1:23
  • Nicolae Cury def Mark Drummond via Submission (Armbar), Rd 1, 4:15
  • Kevin Croom def Lenny Wheeler via TKO (Punches), Rd 1, 0:26
  • Yoni Sherbatov DRAW Tyson Nam
  • Alex Ricci def Kieran Joblin via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Graham Park def Markhaile Wedderburn via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 3:04
  • Chris Chapman def Sherwin Ganpatt via KO (Punch), Rd 1, 0:56