Jon Jones’ scathing attack on UFC 243 headliner Israel Adesanya

Leading into the biggest fight of his career, UFC headliner Israel Adesanya has again caught the attention of Light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

In the lead-up to this weekend’s fight against Robert Whittaker, Adesanya spoke to TheMacLife about how he sees himself facing Jones in 2021, after clearing the current middleweight division.

“He’s definitely a boss in the game that I want to play against,” Adesanya was quoted as saying before doubling down to say that Jones is not the same fighter he once was.

Catching wind of the comments, Jones used social media to reply to the New Zealand fighter.

“Israel Adesanya, keep convincing yourself that one day you’ll be ready to face a boss like me. I’ll keep convincing myself that when that day comes, I will make you my absolute b**ch.”

Jones compared Adesanya’s to his own when he was 23-years-old but warned Adesanya not to become delusional.

“I can see you’re starting to sip your own Kool-Aid, I know how it feels, I’ve been there before. Only I was around 23. Just don’t become delusional kid, f**k with a beast like me and I will expose you.”

The New Mexico based fighter also took exception to Adesanya’s comments about his performance against Thiago Santos, before questioning Adesanya’s grappling credentials.

“Thiago couldn’t even touch my face and he grew up kickboxing. You only got to see my striking that night and now you’re convinced you’ll beat me? Let me see you in a wrestling match or a jiujitsu tournament, you probably wouldn’t even place.”

Adesanya’s rise through the ranks can be partly attributed to rubbing some fighters the wrong way and getting under the nose of Jones could be just the plan however Sydney based Whittaker will be looking at putting a dagger through that match-up when he clashes with Adesanya this Sunday at Marvel Stadium.

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