John Wayne Parr, Brad Riddell rematch this Friday night at CMT 8

Even with the growing popularity of MMA, one simple fact remains true; many fans prefer it when the fight remains standing. A huge UFC fan himself, Australian Muay Thai Legend John Wayne Parr looked to capitalise on this by creating his own promotion, Caged Muay Thai (CMT).

The concept is simple; full Muay Thai Rules, in a cage, with 4-ounce MMA gloves on. This results in contests that give the most blood thirsty fans what they want; action packed stand up fights.

According to Parr, all the best MMA fights are the ones that stay on the feet. With CMT he says. “I can promise you that with every single fight on the card.” Parr told Fight News Australia.

As far as fight promotions go, this is something completely unique and exciting to be happening right here in Australia. Parr started the promotion simply because he thought fighting in a cage was cool.

“Being such a big fan of UFC I became very jealous how their fighters were able to fight in a cool cage while I was stuck in a boring ring. Ever since I was a kid I would watch Hulk Hogan in the cage and it always seemed like the ultimate alpha male thing to compete in. Not having any ground game I didn’t want to compete in MMA so I decided the only way I was going to make my dream become possible was to do the cage promotion myself.” Parr said.

The next installment of CMT will feature Parr in the main event in a rematch taking on rising Kiwi star Brad ‘Quake’ Riddell. The first fight between the two back in 2013 was an absolute blockbuster (Fight Video). The second beckons to be even better, with Riddell able to undertake a full training camp after he took their first encounter on 48 hours’ notice, a fight he lost by unanimous decision.

“Our first fight was non-stop action and no doubt the rematch is going to bring the same amount of madness. With Brad having a full camp I believe this could be our best CMT main event yet.” Parr said.

The second fight looks to build on the first but the smaller gloves promise to add a new dynamic to the fight.

“Because the gloves are so small you have to work on better footwork so you don’t get caught in the pocket too long. The Last thing you want to do is get hit with those gloves because even if you block, it hurts.” Parr said.

Despite Riddell taking the first fight on such short notice, the Kiwi was able to hurt Parr in the first round.

“How well I did in the first fight does give me confidence.” Riddell revealed to FNA. “However this is an entirely new fight and we have both had other fights and more experience since then….so I expect the fight will be a complete different display of skill and strategy.”

Riddell comes into the contest boasting an impressive 43-5 record with 26 KO victories. In his post-fight speech after their first contest he showed a huge amount of respect to Parr, acknowledging that he was the very reason he began to train Muay Thai in the first place. Brad looks to avenge his previous loss to Parr and continue his rise through the Muay Thai ranks by earning a victory over a legend.

“A win over JWP will be rewarding. Just because I know I could have won the first fight if I upped my work rate a bit. I also want that previous loss covered, with no argument, so I can prove I am the new generation of fighter.” Riddell said.

Caged Muay Thai 8 takes place on the 4th of March at the Logan Metro Sports Centre in Brisbane. The event will be streamed live here at Tickets via Ticketmaster.

Fight Card (Subject to Change):

  • John Wayne Parr vs Brad Riddell
  • Steph Glew vs Jorina Baars – 70 kg Middleweight Title
  • Michael Badato vs Jason Scerri – 76 kg Super Middleweight Title
  • Elliot Compton vs Sholey Staunch – 72.2 Middleweight Title
  • Nick Rundle vs Rob Ferguson
  • Emiliano ‘Noodles’ Rivera vs Tim Hartmann
  • Nick Trask vs Jun Lee
  • Kat Simpson vs Rozi Komlos
  • Brad Davies vs Jimmy Killick
  • Branton Termine vs Kyle Walsh
  • Demi McNamara vs Kaysey Warner
  • Corey Crittenten vs Patrick Holmes
  • Charlie Lamb vs Rob Bryant
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