Jimmy Crute on his fight at UFC 234 “I enjoy being in a blood bath”

Jimmy Crute is a sick individual.

Speaking to the media with stitches below his eye, the undefeated fighter explained why the cut is of no concern.

“People ask what if it opens up before the fight?” Crute said.

“I’ve been in bloody fights before; I’ve been cut in way worse places. I enjoy being in a blood bath and if it does (open up) it’s probably going to work to my advantage because that is where I am comfortable.”

‘The Brute’ loves to fight and is chomping at the bit to get back into the cage this weekend, at UFC 234 in Melbourne.

“I want to test myself every fight, I don’t want one easy fight,” Crute said.

“I want to go through my whole career and say look, I never padded my record once.”

Crute gets the opportunity to put these words into action this weekend when he takes on UFC veteran Sam Alvey.

Alvey has fought professionally over forty times with sixteen of these fights taking place in the UFC Octagon.

While on the surface this may sound like a tall order for Crute, who is only making his second UFC appearance, in reality, it is nothing new for the 22-year-old.

Crute has made a habit of fighting more experienced opponents his entire career.

In his first professional fight, his opponent had already fought a staggering 19 times.

In his UFC debut, Crute’s opponent Paul Craig had already amassed five UFC fights, still, the Brute was able to submit him in the third round.

With Crute’s original opponent pulling out of the Melbourne event, he is happy to once again fight a more experienced opponent in Sam Alvey.

“It excited me, man, it’s a little bit more risky,” Crute said.

“Sam Alvey hits harder, he has more experience and has been around a lot longer and fought better guys. But the risk to reward of beating Sam Alvey, man beating Sam Alvey puts me, I’m looking at top 15 after this.”

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