Jim Crute TKO’s Sam Alvey in first-round at UFC 234 in Melbourne

Have you heard of Jimmy Crute!!!??

If you had not, you certainly have now.

The 22-year-old had a near perfect performance as he picked up a TKO win over Sam Alvey at UFC 234 in Melbourne today.

Crute opened the fight with strong body kicks and landed a right hand across the jaw that dropped Alvey. Crute thought the ref would intervene and walked away but Alvey stood back up on wobbly legs.

Alvey then shot in for a desperate takedown which Crute managed to stop before landing multiple blows to Alvey as he held onto Crute’s legs on the canvas. Referee Marc Goddard had seen enough and waived off the right at 2.49 of the first round.

The Melbourne crowd erupted with the Crute victory while Alvey stood up immediately and protested the stoppage.

Immediately after the fight, Crute said he was ready for some time off.

“I want some time off now, I’ve had a busy year but if the UFC offers me something big I’ll come back,” Cute said

“For now I want to enjoy some time off, see my family, see my dog, I hardly get to see my dog. Hopefully, I’ll get fifty grand and I can buy myself a nice house, you never know.”

The win brings Crute’s professional record to 10-0 with two of these taking place inside the UFC.

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