Luke Standing Interview – January 2014

Luke Standing

Fight News Australia caught up with 28 year-old Sydney featherweight Luke Standing (5-1) ahead of the opening round of Brace’s 2014 featherweight tournament on March 15 in Sydney, where the Sinosic/Perosh product is set to face Beston Gracie fighter JJ Van Aswegen.

Luke is coming off his first career loss to Martin Nguyen this past November at Brace 24, in what was a fight for the vacant Brace featherweight title (catch the fight video here).

Fight News Australia: First of all Luke thanks for taking the time and happy new year. Do you have any new year resolutions?

Luke Standing: No resolutions just to be better than the year before.

Fight News Australia: Where did you grow up?

Luke Standing: I grew up in Macquarie Fields in Sydney’s south west.

Fight News Australia: What were you like as a kid?

Luke Standing: I was a very active kid always outside playing sports.

Fight News Australia: How old were you when you first got into Martial Arts, and what drove you in that direction?

Luke Standing: I was 14 when I began boxing. At first it was to keep fit but within 2 months I had my first amateur fight.

Fight News Australia: You’re trained by two local pioneers of the sport in Elvis Sinosic and Anthony Perosh, what’s it like working with those guys and who else helps with your fight preparation?

Luke Standing: Elvis and Anthony are great and they both have so much knowledge of the fight game. Both are guys who I look up to and admire a lot. Also Paul Sinosic who plays a big role in getting me ready and a lot of the boys at SPMA as well.

Fight News Australia: It’s not always easy juggling work with training, how often do you get to the gym and what do you typically train?

Luke Standing: It’s not but sacrifices need to be made if you want to be a fighter. I train everything when in training for a fight but SPMA specialise in bjj.

Fight News Australia: What motivates you to train?

Luke Standing: Getting better motivates me to train.

Fight News Australia: Which local/international fighters do you like watching fight?

Luke Standing: Locally at the moment I like watching guys like Rob Lisita, Corey Nelson, Adrian Pang and Dane Mulliavi because they always come to fight. Internationally Jose Aldo because everything he does is world class.

Fight News Australia: What can you usually be found doing outside of work and training?

Luke Standing: When I am relaxing I like hanging with friends, family and the girlfriend.

Fight News Australia: Is there a particular victory of yours that stands out for any reason?

Luke Standing: My debut against Robert David because of the rush and nerves you’re feeling before. When I won and when it was over I couldn’t wait for the next one.

Fight News Australia: It was close to a 12 month break between fights going into brace 24, how did you feel leading up to the fight and did the layoff affect you at all in the cage?

Luke Standing: I don’t think it did because my prep was great. A lot of sparring and conditioning. I just couldn’t put it together on the night.

Fight News Australia: Your standup looked great against Martin and it looked like you were troubling him directly prior to getting taken down, how did you see the fight including the finish?

Luke Standing: Very disappointed of course because I know I was better than what I showed. I got lazy in guard and payed the price.

Fight News Australia: Did you take anything away from the loss?

Luke Standing: Yeah don’t get lazy off your back lol.

Fight News Australia: It was recently announced that you will be facing JJ Van Aswegen in the opening round of the 2014 Brace featherweight tournament. Van Aswegen is a submission guy who has looked impressive in his two pro fights, what are your thoughts on Van Aswegen and how do you think you matchup against him?

Luke Standing: Yes I’ve seen him fight and I was impressed. His bjj is good and he looks to always finish the fight so I got to be careful but Ill train hard and be ready for him.

Fight News Australia: The other featherweight fighters for this season are Jamie Mullarkey, Chris Hoy, Josh Pecastaing, Peter Cross, Richard Kemp Hay and Josh Payne, what do you think about the other competitors and who do you think offers the toughest opposition?

Luke Standing: They’re all tough I think, I’ve fought Richard before and I think he can give anyone headaches in the cage. Also when I’ve seen Jamie (Mullarkey) fight he’s looked impressive.

Fight News Australia: Are you a fan of the new Brace format?

Luke Standing: Don’t know yet lol.

Fight News Australia: Brace was loyal to Sydney in 2013 but overall we’ve seen a decline in show numbers here over recent years, any theories as to why that is?

Luke Standing: I really don’t know but we have a lot of talent around here that’s going to waste.

Fight News Australia: You’ve been vocal in the past about the difficulties in finding sponsors, how hard has it been and how can people contact you if they’re interested?

Luke Standing: It’s been very hard with no luck so far so if you’re interested I can be contacted through email on Also Facebook or my twitter @standingluke.

Fight News Australia: Do you have any MMA goals for 2014, also any long term MMA goals? 

Luke Standing: Just to win my next fight and hopefully in the future compete overseas.

Fight News Australia: Thanks again Luke and all the best for your upcoming fight in Sydney. Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Luke Standing: Thank you I’d like to thank my coaches and everyone at SPMA. Zach Green and ISMA for helping me out. Also my family and girlfriend.

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