Interview with Central Coast featherweight Jamie Mullarkey ahead of Brace 28

Mullarkey vs Pecastaing

Jamie Mullarkey is a professionally undefeated 19 year-old featherweight from the Central Coast of NSW. Training out of the Magnus Martial Arts gym in Erina, the youngster is currently vying for the Brace featherweight title in the promotion’s 2014 championship tournament. 

After overwhelming 10th Planet’s Joshua Pecastaing with strikes at Brace 26 (watch video below), Mullarkey (pro: 3-0, am: 4-1) booked himself a spot in the semi-finals of the tournament, where he is now set to meet New Zealand born Sydney fighter Byron Cowell at Brace 28 on August 8 in Sydney.

We caught up recently with Jamie to discuss a number of things including his gold medal win at the 2012 Pankration Junior World Championships in Greece and the 2014 Brace Championship Tournament.

FNA: Hi Jamie thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for Fight News Australia. Where did you grow up and how old were you when you first got into Martial Arts?

JM: I grew up on the Central Coast, NSW and got started into Martial Arts at 14.

FNA: What inspired you to take up Martial Arts and which one did you first learn?

JM: Nothing in particular inspired me, I just wanted something to do to keep me fit in the off-season of rugby union and so I took up Mixed Martial Arts. I never started in one art by itself.

FNA: Were you good at any other sports growing up?

JM: Um, I was always sporty and coordinated but never was really a standout in anything.

FNA: How often do you typically train?

JM: When training for a fight I train six days a week up to two times a day some days.

FNA: Who are some of the guys you train with at Magnus Martial Arts?

JM: I train with some really skillful fighters including Rick Alchin one of the current top welterweights in the country, Jacob Pettett (former TUFFA lightweight champion), Ben Hansen (former TUFFA featherweight champion), Ben Games, Khan Morris and of course my coach Noah Magnus.

FNA: What can you usually be found doing when you’re not training?

JM: Usually eating lol, no I just enjoy relaxing and spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends.

FNA: Do you have any pre-fight rituals?

JM: No not really.

FNA: Which local/international fighters do you like watching fight?

JM: Well my favorite fighter at the moment is UFC featherweight Conor McGregor, but as for local guys I don’t have any favorites, just like everybody else, I like seeing an exciting scrap!

FNA: You won gold at the 2012 Pankration World Championships in Greece, tell us a bit about your Pankration background and what the whole experience of winning over there was like?

JM: Yeah that was an amazing experience to say the least. There were a lot of countries there, countries I hadn’t even heard of and getting the gold around my neck for Australia was definitely a moment I wont forget.

FNA: You often look to come forward in your fights and push the pace with your striking, how would you describe your fighting style?

JM: Yeah I definitely fight aggressive, push the pace and always look to finish, I consider myself pretty well rounded though. I think people underestimate my wrestling /grappling because I usually look to stand with my opponents but my wrestling is really my best attribute.

FNA: You made your pro debut against a veteran in Luke Hume at Brace 23 and won by TKO with one second remaining in the opening round, the amount of arm-bar attempts you had to defend in that fight was unreal. What are your memories of fighting Luke and getting your first pro win?

JM: Yeah that was a really good test for me, Luke’s a great fighter and a top bloke, I went out on the town with him after the fight in Townsville haha. I remember just looking to pass his guard but he was real good off his back. I stunned him with a short elbow with 10 seconds to go and I heard my corner yell to go for it so I did and the ref stepped in just as the round ended ha.

FNA: After overcoming a first round arm-bar scare against 10th Planet’s Josh Pecastaing at Brace 26, you went on to dominate the second round with striking before finishing him early in the third. What do you remember about that fight and how close was his submission attempt?

JM: The arm-bar attempt wasn’t that close to finishing me, he did a really good job of sweeping me on my back but I had my arm the whole time and knew he wouldn’t get it. 

FNA: What would you say is your most memorable win to date and why?

JM: Ah, it’s hard to say, it would have to have been my first cagefight. I was 15 and got a first round TKO, via headkick and punches.

FNA: Can you see yourself staying at featherweight for the foreseeable future?

JM: Yeah we will see what happens but I think so.

FNA: Do you have any short and long term goals in MMA?

JM: I want to get as many Australian titles as I can and really make a name for myself in the Australian circuit. One FC Singapore is always on my mind considering Brace have connections with them I am very hungry for a contract with One FC!

FNA: You’ve drawn Byron Cowell for the featherweight tournament semi-finals at Brace 28, what do you know about Byron and what are your thoughts on fighting him?

JM: I don’t really know too much about him. He comes from a strong gym so I’m expecting a tough fight but I don’t see him or anyone else for that matter stopping me from getting that belt.

FNA: Thanks again Jamie and all the best for Brace 28. Is there anyone you would like to thank?

JM: Thanks a lot mate, I would like to thank my sponsor Australian Sports Nutrition, my coach Noah Magnus and all my training partners and everyone that supports me. Also check out my athlete page on Facebook to keep up to date with all my fighting. 

Jamie Mullarkey vs Josh Pecastaing 


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