Gustavo Falciroli Interview – February 2014

Gustavo Falciroli

Fight News Australia caught up with Victorian Gustavo Falciroli who is coming off a controversial no-contest stoppage against Kai Kara-France. Falciroli is appealing the decision with the verdict expected later this month. We speak to him about the short hiatus he had away from the sport and what his goals are for the forthcoming year among other topics.

Fight News Australia: Hey Gustavo, thanks for taking this opportunity to do a quick interview. How’s everything been since your last outing?

Gustavo Falciroli: Hi Chris, always a pleasure to be interviewed by you. Everything has been good thanks, especially now that I’m back on scene.

Fight News Australia: Before we talk about your last fight which ended with a very controversial finish, I want to go back to what has been happening last year. You won your debut in One FC before losing to a top 10 rated opponent in Bibiano Fernandes. Do you know why you were not invited back to compete especially considering One FC had a bantamweight tournament during 2013?

Gustavo Falciroli: It’s a thing that I want to put in the  past. It was great to have that experience in my career but now I’m looking forward to reach new goals.

Fight News Australia: You were on the sidelines for about 16-months now. How frustrating was it sitting back and waiting for your next opportunity to come?

Gustavo Falciroli: It was very disappointing and depressing. Especially when you are fit and ready to fight and your family needs you inside the cage too, but I always look to things in a positive way. It may happened for a reason and I learnt a lot from it. I’m even stronger and more determined now to reach the goals I really want in my career.

Fight News Australia: Was it part of your contract that forced you to be sidelined?

Gustavo Falciroli: I can’t really say anything. I know what happened, and I have a peace of mind that I kept my principles and it’s old history now.

Fight News Australia: During that time away from the ring/cage you and your family were unfortunately racially abused by some moron while using public transport in Melbourne. The incident made mainstream news so am wondering if the incident ended up catching up with the culprit?

Gustavo Falciroli: Actually I wasn’t with my family but with a friend of mine. I don’t really know what happened with the guy as I called the police and didn’t take anything further. I was just concerned about safety of people in that train at that time.

Fight News Australia: Overall how have you found the move to Victoria?

Gustavo Falciroli: Despite the weather being terrible, everything is good. I can train more here and it is easier to travel to the others states from here.

Fight News Australia: I’m assuming the hot weather isn’t too much a problem and it’s the rain that you finding terrible?

Gustavo Falciroli: Neither is the problem, instead we have four seasons in Brazil while here we have only two. 10 months of winter and two months of summer which even hotter than Brazil.

Fight News Australia: Victorian MMA has grown strongly on the back of Australian Fighting Championships who have done brilliantly in getting MMA going in the state despite the cage being banned. Has there been any fighters on the promotion that have impressed you?

Gustavo Falciroli: AFC has been doing a great job putting the shows here with great fighters on every single card. I like when Gustavo Falciroli fights! Have you heard about him?

Fight News Australia: On the topic of the cage being prohibited. Is there are message you would like to send to those denying fights to be contested in the cage?

Gustavo Falciroli: Please educate yourself about the sport and let the fighters do the job they deserve to do.

Fight News Australia: Now on the topic of the cage, your last fight against Kai Kara-France ended controversially in a no-contest and again proved how dangerous MMA in a ring can be. Do you want to run down your version of what happened?

Gustavo Falciroli: Jab, right hand, left uppercut, knee to the body, knee in the head, K.O.

Fight News Australia: So you are 100% confident that the ending came via knock-out and not because your opponent injured himself falling out of the ring?

Gustavo Falciroli: 200% confident! The video is on my facebook page for everyone to see. Judge for yourself if it was a KO or no-contest.


Fight News Australia: You mentioned through a facebook post that you were looking to appeal the decision. Did anything end up happening as a result of this?

Gustavo Falciroli: As far as i know there will be a commission meeting next month to check the result?

Fight News Australia: How confident are you that the verdict will be overturned?

Gustavo Falciroli: Very confident, but my opinion doesn’t mean anything from now on.

Fight News Australia: The fight took place as part of the AFC bantamweight tournament and with a no-contest being the decision, do you know when the pair of you will rematch?

Gustavo Falciroli: I’m still waiting for the commission final decision.

Fight News Australia: If commission overturns the verdict, is it safe to say that AFC will allow you to progress in the bantamweight tournament as well?

Gustavo Falciroli: Yes, that makes me move forward in the tournament.

Fight News Australia: By the time 2014 is over what goals are you hoping to achieve?

Gustavo Falciroli: UFC

Fight News Australia: What do you believe you need to do to get there?

Gustavo Falciroli: Keep winning and be ready when they call.

Fight News Australia: Last of all is there any friends, sponsors and family you would like to thank.

Gustavo Falciroli: I would  like to thanks all my friends, family, training partners coaches and supporters also would like to thanks MMA Fightstore, MA1 Apparel, Kapai Puku in supporting my journey and Fight News Australia for the interview.

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