Foreman Victorious in China

Melbourne-based muay thai fighter Claire Foreman made her successful debut on the Chinese kickboxing promotion Kunlun Fight this past Saturday with a win against local favourite Zhang Meng.

In a three-by-three minute round fight under kickboxing rules, Foreman was able to come out on top of her Chinese opponent with a tough, but unanimous points decision, winning the bout 30-27.

Talking to Fight News Australia after the fight Foreman remarked, “it was hard fight for me and it was intense every minute. She kept coming at me and I couldn’t get a good rhythm like I would in a Thai style fight. I need to tweak my fitness to go flat out for three rounds instead of peaking over five rounds with more breaks”.

I took a lot of punches but landed hard long knees on her. I thought I must be hurting her but she kept coming at me with hard boxing combos.

Originally booked to fight on Lion Fight 35 in Las Vegas but unable to fight a suitable opponent, Foreman was able to secure a bout on the large Chinese promotion.

“It’s been a crazy experience, the whole show is massive. The media, the fans, everything! The Chinese people here have been so welcoming and kind to us. Whenever we went for a walk we got swamped by people wanting photos or just filming us randomly”.

A potential matchup with Estonian fighter Andra Aho beckons on the next Lion Fight show in June, but this is yet to be confirmed by the organisation. Whether or not a bout on Lion Fight comes together, Foreman would be happy to make her return to China and Kunlun in the near future.

“It’s a highly professional promotion and I really hope I get invited back as I would love to build my name up in China. I don’t think in Australia we realise how big it is over here but they have fighters from every corner of the world”.

As a former pro/am Muaythai fighter, current trainer and fresh BJJ White Belt my life revolves around all things concerning the ‘hurt business’. If it involves punches, kicks, knees and elbows than I’m interested! On the side I’m a self-confessed Melbourne Victory tragic and marketing professional by day.