Ethan Duniam wins rematch with Jesse Medina at Minotaur 4

A lightweight rematch between Mildura’s Jesse Medina and Tasmania’s Ethan Duniam headlined Minotaur 4 in Melbourne Friday night. The event took place at the Reggio Calabria Club and was streamed live at Go Fight Live.

After losing by submission to Medina just three months ago at Brace 38, Duniam was eager to avoid back-to-back defeats to the BJJ brown belt, and in what was an entertaining battle contested mostly on the canvas, the Tasmanian took home a well deserved unanimous decision.

Duniam forced Medina up on the cage to begin what would be a five-round encounter, however Medina reversed position and worked for a double leg takedown of his own. He soon got it to the ground, where he moved into half guard. Duniam held onto his neck and reversed nicely, ending up in full guard. Medina searched for a triangle choke from the bottom but he was unsuccessful. He remained active off his back, however, and used a kimura to sweep Duniam and claim full mount. Duniam again reversed nicely and connected with a clean elbow from full guard.

Round two hit the canvas early courtesy of a takedown from Duniam, who gained mount before taking Medina’s back slickly. Medina reversed, however, and Duniam attempted an armbar from the bottom before the two fighters returned back to the feet. Once back standing, Duniam took Medina’s back and tripped him to the canvas, where he worked for a rear-naked choke. Medina escaped and took top position. After an extended period with Duniam nullifying Medina’s top game, the round closed out relatively uneventful.

Both men came out swinging in round three before Medina forced Duniam up against the cage again searching for a double leg, which he got, scooping Duniam up high and slamming him on his back. Duniam worked back to top position again, however. Medina adopted an attacking high guard but Duniam postured up and went to work dropping elbows and attacking with short punches. Medina searched for a sweep but Duniam moved to side control. Medina finally got the sweep on the second attempt, but again Duniam wrapped him up tight from the bottom and the ref soon stood them back up due to inactivity. They went toe-to-toe on the restart and the fight hit the canvas once again just briefly as the buzzer sounded.

The pair traded kicks at a slowed pace to begin round four. Medina soon closed the distance taking Duniam to the ground. Duniam grabbed the neck of Medina. Medina escaped the hold and looked for a kimura but soon opted out of the submission. After a long period jostling for position the referee stood the two lightweights. Medina shot for another takedown however Duniam wrestled him to the ground and took his back before locking up a rear-naked choke with both hooks in and 10 seconds left in the round. Medina was able to hold on and see out the round.

An evenly contest trading of strikes began the final period. It was Duniam now who initiated the takedown, charging forward and scoring a solid double leg. Medina worked to top position, however Duniam reversed. The two grappled back and forth as the round came to a close with Medina in top position. The ref stood the two fighters up with just seconds remaining and they traded shots before Medina scored a takedown on the final buzzer.

The unanimous decision loss snaps Medina’s impressive seven-fight win streak.

Results (Pro):

  • Ethan Duniam def Jesse Medina via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Ricky Beichon def Adam Abdulhak via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Phil Ikafunga def Jesewelle Junior Vasilio via TKO, Rd 1, 2:05
  • Sy Leafa def Goran Olujic via TKO, Rd 3, 2:54
  • Jack Jenkins def Alan Hartley via Technical Submission (Triangle Choke), Rd 1, 4:50
  • Sean Le Gourrierec def Adam Russo via Submission (Arm-Bar), Rd 1

* Image courtesy of Marty’s Knockout Photography (Facebook Page)