Brentin Mumford, “Kewl Bonez” Morris, Michael Tobin & Rhiannon Thompson capture titles at Fightworld Cup 15

(Photo via Fight 4 Industries)

Shindo New Breed fighter Brentin Mumford made a statement ahead of The Ultimate Fighter: Nations – Australia vs Canada trials with an impressive first round submission over Shane Gregory in the main event of Fightworld Cup 12 last night.

The event was held at the Nerang Police Citizens Youth Club on Queensland’s Gold Coast and also featured Chris “Kewl Bonez” Morris, Michael Tobin and Rhiannon Thompson win the promotions titles.

In the welterweight clash for the vacated Fightworld Cup title, Mumford made his intentions clear as he quickly took the fight to the ground with a takedown. Gregory though was able to quickly locked up a tight armbar from the bottom. Gregory attempted to slam his way out of it before maneuvering around his opponent and getting into side-control. Gregory straight away took the opportunity to utilise the cage to work his way back to his feet. Mumford stayed tight on the inside as he managed to get another takedown. This time he moved to the mount position and postured up with a couple of punches before Gregory reversed as he started landing some elbows from inside guard. From the bottom Mumford stayed composed before locking up a tight armbar. Gregory attempted to slowly slide his arm out, but as Mumford continued to extend the arm, Gregory finally succumb and was forced to tap. The disappointment was clear on Gregory’s face immediately after the fight as Mumford takes a step forward in his TUF Nations aspirations. The end came at 3:58 of the first round.

Judoka specialist Michael Tobin kept his undefeated streak going as he captured his third title in as many fights as he was pushed to a decision by Callum Lewis from the Ignite Sunshine Coast gym. Tobin quickly got the fight to the ground but had to defend Lewis attempting to take his back straight away. Tobin scrambled out and quickly positioned himself in mount. There Tobin worked the high mount before attempting an armbar. Lewis defended by flipping around and stacking his opponent which allowed him to free his arm. It wasn’t long before Tobin was attacking with another submission, this time attempting a kimura submission but again Lewis defended well and almost completely took the back as the round finished.

Early in the second, Tobin tripped Lewis to the ground and landing inside Lewis’s guard. Lewis was able tie him up which forced the referee to stand the fight back up. Tobin immediately shot in for a takedown, but this time Lewis scrambled well. Tobin turned it into a fireman carry and got the takedown but from the bottom, Lewis almost locked up an triangle from an awkward position. This allowed Tobin transitioned to side-control and then mount before again attacking with an armbar. After a bit of a struggle, Lewis got his legs over Tobin’s head and escaped to the top position where he finished the round landing solid punches.

Must like the previous two rounds, Tobin again quickly looked for the takedown. It appeared Lewis may land on top, but Tobin showed a strong base to move straight into side-control and again mount. From there he landed shots as Lewis attempted to bridge. The punches and strikes continued until late in the round where Lewis was able to get a little space and get his legs over Tobin to get the sweep to finish the fight on top. 

The judged awarded Tobin the unanimous decision as he added the Fightworld Cup featherweight title to his Eternal MMA and XFC titles. It was also the first time that Tobin has gone past the first round in his six career bouts as he moves to 6-0.

Chris “Kewl Bonez” Morris (pictured left) rebounded from a recent loss to Julian “Julz The Jackal” Rabaud as he captured the Fightworld Cup bantamweight title from Advanced MMA fighter Jacob Mahony by unanimous decision. Morris looked to take the fight to the ground early but a failed attempt allowed Mahony to get mount. Mahony was able to stay there composed before Morris exploded and got the reverse. There he postured up and unloaded with some punches. Mahony looked for an armbar from the bottom however Morris escaped as the two ended up back on their feet. It would be Mahony this time who would initiate the takedown attempt as he transitioned into mount. From there Mahony landed pin-point elbows before Morris reversed. Morris stood over Mahony and landed punches before he was able to escape back to his feet before the end of the round.

Mahony got the takedown early in the second round and as Morris looked to get back to his feet, Mahony locked up a tight guillotine. Morris struggled but was able to squeeze his head out and back on their feet he started unloading with punches as Mahony struggled to utilise the jab that has worked very well for him in past fights. The punches continued before Mahony got the fight to the ground again. Morris though quickly reversed where he landed some punches from the guard.

Both fighter started the third round, unleashing with heavy leather. Morris changed levels and got the fight to the ground but before he could utilise it, Mahony escaped straight back to his feet only for Morris to rush in with another takedown. After a small scramble, Mahony stood back up where he edged on the crowd to cheer louder. Morris at this stage though had no intention in standing and trading and again secured the takedown. Inside of guard, Morris landed short punches as Mahony desperately looked to open up Morris from the bottom using elbows as the buzzer went.

Chris Morris unanimously walks away with the bantamweight title to take his career record to 6-3.

Rhiannon Thompson MMAIn the first Fightworld Cup women’s title, undefeated Rhiannon Thompson (pictured right) and recent newcomer Kenani Mangakahia put on a fight of the night war in a flyweight contest.  Both girls came out aggressive right from the start unleashing with heavy punches and knees inside the clinch. They continued brawling until Mangakahia brought Thompson to the ground with her where she bridged and rolled over into Thompson’s guard. The fight showed signs of slowing down as Mangakahia concentrated with short elbows while Thompson threw calculated punches from her back.

The frantic pace though restarted early in the second round with both girls throwing heavy punches before Thompson secured the takedown into mount. There the Tasmanian fighter unloaded with ground-and-pound before Mangakahia reversed, only for Thompson to do the same shortly after. Managakahia immediately went for a leg lock before attacking the ankle of Thompson. The two scrambled for position with Thompson finishing in the superior top position. There she was able to put an exclamation mark on the round as she unloaded with big punches from mount. Mangakahia was being active enough to stop the referee from calling the contest.

Much of the same in the third round as both exchanged punches and knees with the pace continuing at a high level despite both girls showing signs of being tired. By this stage though it was the more experienced Thompson who was pushing the action as she got another takedown. From there was able to utilise short elbows to create space before unloading with some big punches forcing the referee to stop the fight. The end came at 2:43 of the third round as Thompson takes her career record to 4-0.

The fifth title fight on the night was called off before the weigh-in on Friday night after Harley injured himself while attempting to cut weight. Harley was scheduled to face Moore for the Fightworld Cup flyweight title.

Earlier on the night, Davin Marsh put on a composed performance as he defeated David Greaves by a unanimous decision. Greaves landed a nice early straight that knocked Marsh down before attempting a tight guillotine. Marsh struggled to escape but once he did was able to control rest of round on top, finishing it taking the back and attempting to sink in the rear-naked choke only for Greaves to survive until the buzzer. Greaves defended an early takedown in the second round but wasn’t as successful with Marsh getting him down with a second attempt. Marsh was able to control the fight from the top position, getting mount and finishing the second round with an armbar attempt that Greaves managed to escape just as the round ended. Greaves came out aggressive in the third round but that worked to Marsh’s advantage as he dropped levels, taking the fight to the ground and moving to mount. There he unloaded with strikes before Greaves scrambled back to his feet where he was able to score a takedown of his own. Bleeding heavily, Greaves unloads from the top forcing Marsh to work his way out. Late in the fight, Marsh again attacked with a rear-naked choke however was beaten by the buzzer. 

Fightworld Cup regular Jason Preece bounced back with a win as he won a back and forth fight against Ty Austin from Rings Toowomba. Preece got the better of the exchanged to walk away with the unanimous decision while also on the card Preece’s training partner Johnny Walker put on a good and quick performance as he submitted Matthew Modistach with a first round rear-naked choke submission. An entertaining welterweight clash had Southside MMA fighter Chris O’Donoghue pushed en route to a unanimous decision win against Zak Keenan.

The submission of the night went to Shindo New Breed fighter Peter Jefrey who in the first fight of the night locked up the anaconda choke to force Brad Gawthorne to submit only 2:25 into the fight.

Fight Card (Pro):

  • Brentin Mumford def Shane Gregory via Submission (Armbar), Rd 1, 3:58 – Fightworld Cup welterweight title
  • Michael Tobin def Callum Lewis via Decision (Unanimous) – Fightworld Cup featherweight title
  • Chris Morris def Jacob Mahony via Decision (Unanimous) – Fightworld Cup bantamweight title
  • Rhiannon Thompson def Kenani Mangakahia via TKO (Punches), Rd 3, 2:43 – Fightworld Cup womens flyweight title
  • Davin Marsh def David Greaves via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Jason Preece def Ty Austin via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Johnny Walker def Matthew Modistach via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 2:05
  • Chris O’Donoghue def Zak Keenan via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Martin Tucker def David Meak via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 1:02
  • Luke Thorngaard def Brett Jacobsen via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 3, 2:37
  • Corey Lynch DRAW Garrett Gross
  • Peter Jefrey def Brad Gawthorne via Submission (Anaconda Choke), Rd 1, 2:25