Bragging Rights 7 rescheduled for September

The return event from WA based promotion Bragging Rights has been rescheduled for Sunday, September 27. Bragging Rights 7 was originally announced for Saturday, August 22. No change to the venue was announced, so it’s still expected to take place at the Kingsway Indoor Stadium.

In the main event, former UFC welterweight Benny Alloway takes on Finland’s Glenn Sparv, who is currently based at AKA Thailand.

Announced fights:

  • Benny Alloway vs Glenn Sparv – Welterweight Title Fight
  • Darren Palmer vs Axel Bonai
  • Genah Fabian vs Jojo Obolevics
  • Regan Neoh vs Shantaram Maharaj
  • Cody Fitzgerald vs Gabriel Wong
  • Riki Te Hau vs Stevie Aull