Brace 2014 Championship Tournament Finale results & play-by-play

The 2014 Brace Championship Tournament concludes tonight at the AIS Arena in Canberra. Six title fights are scheduled for the show, with a welterweight title clash between Sydney fighters Corey Nelson and Steven Micalleff slated for the main event slot.

The main card will be the first from the promotion to be streamed live on Network Ten’s multi-platform portal, Tenplay.

Join us from 8:30pm AEDT for live results and play-by-play.


Corey Nelson vs Steven Micalleff – Welterweight Title Fight

The main event and 2014 welterweight title fight began with Micalleff forcing Nelson up against the cage. Nelson reversed soon after and the two Sydney fighters exchanged strikes briefly before Micalleff again forced the champ backwards. After they separated, more strikes were exchanged but it soon returned back to a chest battle on the cage. With 40 seconds left in the round, the referee intervened with a separation. Nelson came forward with kick-punch combinations on the restart and dropped Micalleff to the canvas. He followed up with additional strikes on the ground and the referee jumped in and waved it off. Nelson hands the SPMA trained Micalleff his first defeat with the win and is crowned the 2014 welterweight champion. Following the fight, Brace CEO Kya Pate awarded Nelson a contract with Asian based promotion One FC.

Result: Corey Nelson def Steven Micalleff via TKO (Strikes), Rd 1, 4:44

Jamie Mullarkey vs JJ Van Aswegen – Featherweight Title Fight

A solid leg kick from Mullarkey sent Van Aswegen to the canvas, briefly, as the two fighters exchanged strikes to begin the 2014 featherweight tournament final. One minute into the fight and Van Aswegen’s leg looked to buckle, and the referee waved the short-lived clash off with the Newcastle based fighter unable to continue with what turned out to be a knee injury. Nineteen year-old Mullarkey, who also defeated Joshua Pecastaing and Byron Cowell in the tournament, captures the 2014 featherweight title with the win.

Result: Jamie Mullarkey def JJ Van Aswegen via Referee Stoppage (Knee Injury), Rd 1, 0:59

Jordan Lucas vs Steve Reeks – Bantamweight Title Fight

The opening minutes of the 2014 bantamweight title fight was primarily a kickboxing battle with both fighters looking for an advantage on the feet and both having some success. With three minutes left in the round, Lucas unleashed a right hand followed by a flying knee which sent Reeks stumbling to the canvas. Lucas pounced and moved to the the Storm Damage champion’s back, and with both hooks in, he locked up a rear-naked choke and got the tap. With the win, Lucas remains undefeated. The 20 year-old Melbourne based fighter also boasts wins over Richie Ivory and Edwin Arana in the tournament.

Result: Jordan Lucas def Steve Reeks via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 3:52

Gerhard Voigt vs Rob Wilkinson – Middleweight Title Fight

The middleweight title fight began with a brief feeling out period before Wilkinson claimed a double leg takedown. Voigt did well to work back to his feet, however Wilkinson dumped the SPMA trained fighter back to the canvas. Wilkinson searched for a submission there, but Voigt defended well. Wilkinson was able to keep a resistant Voigt on the ground as he landed short shots in the process. He then moved to the back and quickly locked up a rear-naked choke and Voigt was forced to tap out. Wilkinson, training under Priscus Fogagnolo in Tasmania, kept his 2014 middleweight tournament record unblemished with the victory, after he also stopped Kitt Campbell and Rick Alchin in the first round.

Result: Rob Wilkinson def Gerhard Voigt via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 1, 3:45

Abel Brites vs Ali Cevik – Lightweight Title Fight

This fight hit the canvas fast as Cevik got the takedown and worked Brites up against the cage from full guard. Cevik landed some solid shots from there as Brites searched for a leg-lock submission. Cevik did well defending it and got back to work landing shots from top position. With 30 seconds left in the first round, the referee intervened and stood the two Sydney fighters up. Back on the feet, Cevik came forward with punch combinations before the round ended.

The two lightweights exchanged strikes to start the second round before Cevik muscled Brites up against the cage. After they separated, Brites came forward with a spinning back fist then clinched with Cevik up on the cage. Brites scored a takedown soon after and moved to half guard. He gained mount briefly before Cevik exploded and wound up in top position. Not for long however, with Brites sweeping to regain top position with 1:30 left in the round. The remainder of the second period played out with Brites landing short shots before he locked up a rear-naked choke and forced the tap with just one second remaining. The SPMA trained fighter snatched the 2014 lightweight title with the win, which also followed first round stoppage wins over Kevin Manderson and Adam Bourke throughout the tournament.

Result: Abel Brites def Ali Cevik via Submission (Rear Naked Choke), Rd 2, 4:59

Mike Turner vs Connor Murphy – Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Technical difficulties meant we picked up the light heavyweight title with 30 seconds remaining in the first round. Turner on Murphy’s back unleashing punches to the head of the Tasmanian is what we see but the round soon ends.

After a brief period standing, Turner got the takedown again and moved to Murphey’s back not long after. Within seconds he locked up a rear-naked choke and forced the tap. The Adelaide fighter becomes the 2014 light heavyweight champion with the win.

Result: Mike Turner def Connor Murphy via Submission (Rear-naked Choke), Rd 2, 1:12

Pro Undercard:

  • Nurbolat Kuandyk def Matt Darke via Submission (Triangle Choke), Rd 1

Amateur Undercard (Results Coming Soon):

  • Nicholas Bates vs James Obrian
  • Jack Veliks vs Ryan Gillet