Adrian Pang Interview Part 1 – June 2013

Adrian Pang vs Muhsin Corbbrey

When Adrian Pang steps into the cage on June 29 at Adrenalin-Unleashed, it will be exactly 608 days since his last competitive bout. One of Australia’s leading lightweights he saw many opportunities pass him by due to an unfortunate night out celebrating his team-mates victories on the Gold Coast last year. With the injuries he suffered in the attack, it’s lucky that we actually get to see Pang fight again. His return won’t be an easy come-back fight that you may expect from many fighters with Pang scheduled to face the ever dangerous Jai Bradney. In this two part-interview we caught up with Pang to talk about his lay-off and the upcoming fight among other things.

Fight News Australia: I might get straight to why you’ve had a break from the sport so we can get on and speak about more positive stuff. You’ve been injured and going through legal matters following an incident on a night out on the Gold Coast which is why you have not competed for quite a while. Can you detail what actually occurred?

Adrian Pang: Legal matters have made it hard for me to comment but what I can say is that we were out celebrating all our IMMA fighters winning their bouts after Glory. We were at Sin City Nightclub which is where we have gone numerous times. None of us were intoxicated as was late by the time we got out. One of the Sin City patrons who was a former employee at the club, assaulted one of my friends after bullying two of our smaller students earlier that night. In attempting to break up fight in most passive way possible, I was tackled from behind by two security guards (One of which we know of). I was then held on the ground with six witness statements saying I was punched, kicked & stomped by the patrons including the former employee while I was held by the security guards. I recall then being picked up to my feet whilst still being restrained by security. I was then flying elbowed to the ground as well punched & kicked by a male of islander descent 136 kilograms, 6’2″. 

I have witness statements names, addresses, numbers of all involved which were forwarded to the Police.

Oh yeah, then as security footage shows I was escorted out of the club with my face practically in my throat & let to walk off. Footage shows the assailants ‘cuzzie bro’ hand-shaking the bouncers  as they leave on their own free will. Witnesses also saw them laughing, talking with security inside before they left. 

It was only after we drove back to Brisbane then i drove home that we realised the extent of my injuries.

Fight News Australia: Did your team-mates suffer any bad injuries?

Adrian Pang: Two of them had minor black eyes but for some reason I really got targeted.

Fight News Australia: You’ve commented about knowing who the other party was yet you have said the Police have failed to do much. Have you been given an exact reason?

Adrian Pang: Brisbane & Gold Coast are small places. My contacts provided me with names, numbers, addresses, girlfriends names, gyms they train at etc etc. Also on Facebook it’s easy to find people & where they are. Police have failed to act & there is no excuse. Even the same dog security that held me down, ratted on their own friends in statements so proof is there.

Fight News Australia: Did you know the attackers previously and were there any signs that you may be in trouble earlier?

Adrian Pang: I didn’t recognise any danger & I am normally the 1st to spot it. I recognised the assailants earlier in the night as they were huge as well as having distinctive Polynesian tattoos & were heavily drinking but at no stage did I see them eyeing us off or looking like trouble.

Fight News Australia: No doubt a terrifying experience and a traumatising one for your family as well. How has it changed your opinions on going out?

Adrian Pang: Hasn’t changed my opinions on going out. This is the first time I reacted passively & tried to break up an altercation instead of becoming involved & it really back fired on me! My opinion on the Police has changed. I have a fantastic law team but it is Police inaction that is holding the case up. My family suffered terribly during that time. Emotionally & financially! I have been in over 40 professional fights, MMA, Thai-boxing, Boxing & I have never sustained injuries like i did that night! My son still talks about when my eye was closed for over three weeks & he constantly asking why people can do that.

Fight News Australia: Because of the incident your MMA career came to a grinding halt at a time you were aiming to work your way back to a Legend Fighting Championships Title fight. How long did it take you to get yourself back to 100%?

Adrian Pang: At the time of the incident I was in training for a contender shot at Legend Fighting Championships. So I was in good condition & aiming to get my title back. Let’s just say it took a long time for the injuries to heal but I have the all clear from the surgeons now & I am back to 100% – No excuses!

Fight News Australia: How frustrating was it to be sidelined for that time?

Adrian Pang: Extremely frustrating! I have trained everyday for most of my life & it was so mentally challenging to not be able to train. Not only that but with the pain that I had, I could not even enjoy time with my family etc. Being self employed running a cabinet making business as well as Integrated MMA Brisbane was also tough as no work = no money!Adrian Pang Training

Fight News Australia: During that time, The Ultimate Fighter: Australia vs U.K was run with lightweight being one of the divisions selected in the show. Tweets from UFC officials indicate that they were hoping to see you trial out for the show. Were you looking at attending the trials?

Adrian Pang: Look to be honest I feel I would not have trialed for the show. I saw who they picked & feel that some very strong, talented, proven Aussie fighters didn’t get in! I am happy to see any Australian do well & feel a stronger lightweight team would have been better than an underweight one.

Fight News Australia: What were your overall thoughts on the competition and fights on the reality show?

Adrian Pang: Yeah was a good show & as I said I do like to see any Australians do well internationally. My opinion is a stronger Aussie team could have been picked but it’s MMA & anything can happen. Great to see Robert Whittaker win his division & hope he makes it far in the sport cause he has natural talent that can’t be taught in a gym. Always proud to see Aussie fighters that can do it all right here in our own yard! 

Fight News Australia: It was was announced that you will make your comeback fight against Jai Bradney on the Adrenalin-Unleashed event scheduled for June 29 in Brisbane. Since your early days, you’ve never had any easy fights taking on leading Australian fighters and seasoned internationals. That trend will continue with a fight against Bradney. What are you expecting Bradney to bring into the cage?

Adrian Pang: I have been in active due to my case & cannot keep waiting for the Police to do nothing. My come back fight will be the hardest of my career &  I am expecting the best Jai Bradney possible. He is a showman & a fighter & that’s what makes him a crowd pleaser! He comes to fight!

Fight News Australia: Both Bradney and yourself are often on the end of Fight of the Night honours when you fight. What make your styles so crowd pleasing?

Adrian Pang: I believe our styles are so crowd pleasing because we fight! We like to punch on & inflict damage on our opponents! I have won so many fight of the night bonuses due to the fact that my fights very easily turn into wars if we are both boof heads! haha

Fight News Australia: During his career, Bradney has defeated the likes of Rob Hill, Ian Schaffa, and just last year Atzori. What particular dangers do you see in his style?

Adrian Pang: Jai Bradney is dangerous everywhere! It’s MMA & anything can happen. This fight will bring out the best in us both!

Fight News Australia: It has been a match-up that has been talked about for a while. Why do you think it’s taken so long to put together?

Adrian Pang: $$ bills yo! haha. Nah Jai & I are mates. We have always said if the right money comes along then we’ll do it! My manager Tony Green has been looking for a fight for me nearly all year & it has been hard to get a match up here in Australia. The promoter wanted Jai & I to fight so he got it. I signed the contract & the ball was in whoever’s court that decided to sign back.

Fight News Australia: Would you like to leave a message to those still thinking if they should attend your fight against Jai Bradney?

Adrian Pang: Everyone who knows Aussie MMA know’s Jai’s and my style. Promoters have been trying to make this happen for sometime so I’m sure no one will want to miss out cause this will be a great match up of two guys that like to fight!

Part 2 of our interview with Adrian Pang

Adrian Pang vs Jai Bradney

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