Product Review: Elite Sports BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

The purpose of this article is to review the Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi I was sent from Elite Sports.

The specific product I received was the Blue ultra-light BJJ GI 

The first thing I noticed when I first pulled the gi out of its packaging was how soft it is.

There have been many times in the past when I have received gi’s and they were very rigid, almost like cardboard. I am sure many jiu-jitsu practitioners can relate to this. The gi from Elite Sports was not like this at all. It was soft, with strong collars and felt incredibly light when I first tried it on.

Another thing I noticed almost immediately was the quality drawstring on the pants. This is always a key consideration I have when looking for a comfortable gi. In the past, I have had gi’s that I have constantly had to keep tieing back up which can be very frustrating for obvious reasons. I have had no problems with the pants of this gi while rolling, I tie them up once and I am good to go for an entire session. There is nothing more annoying while training jiu-jitsu than having to constantly having to tie up your pants, with this elite sports gi it was never a problem. The pants are also made from ripstop fabric, so I am sure they will be very durable over time.

I ordered an A3 sized gi which matched the specifications outlined on the Elite Sports website and fitted me perfectly. The pants came down to my ankles and the sleeves came just to my wrist, no further. The amount of sleeve dropping from the wrist was not so much as to allow an opponent to easily get a grip but not so little as to be illegal for competition.

Visually the gi is very aesthetically pleasing with a strong blue color and orange trim. Once the order for the gi was placed it was shipped very quickly.

I would highly recommend the gi to others looking for a sleek, lightweight, comfortable gi for training and competing in BJJ!