Powerplay 37 Results

Event: Powerplay 37
Saturday, 12 May 2018
Venue: Melbourne Pavillion, Melbourne


  • Steve McKinnon def. Chris Bradford via Decision (Unanimous) IWKBF World Title
  • Steven Baldacchino def. Elliot Glenister via Decision (Unanimous) IWKBF Australian Title
  • Aaron Goodson def. Jono Almond via KO, Rd 3
  • Jayden Wright def. Tanner Gumatsas via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Richard Fanous def. Sulaiman Hashemi via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Marcus Burke def. Torin O’Brien via Decision (Unanimous)

As a former pro/am Muaythai fighter, current trainer and fresh BJJ White Belt my life revolves around all things concerning the ‘hurt business’. If it involves punches, kicks, knees and elbows than I’m interested! On the side I’m a self-confessed Melbourne Victory tragic and marketing professional by day.