Paul Slowinski to debut in MMA September 21 on MMA Downunder 4

Paul Slowinski MMA

Accomplished Muaythai and K-1 heavyweight Paul Slowinski will make his MMA debut on MMA Downunder 4 in Adelaide, South Australia. The event is scheduled to be held on September 21. Slowinski spoke about the transition to MMA on this week’s episode of “Hammer Time Fight Show” on Fox Sports.

“I’m actually going to do an MMA fight”, Slowinski commented in the episode.

“MMA Downunder – September 21st in Adelaide and yes if I can get a few more fights in MMA and see how I go and we will see where that takes us,” he added.

Talk of Slowinski moving to MMA has been rumoured for many years, and earlier this year the Polish born fighter spent time in Florida, USA where he trained at the Blackzilian team training with the likes of Rashad Evans and Thiago Silva.

Slowinski spoke about his time training at Blackzilians when he appeared as a special guest on the episode.

“I had quite a few fight falling through this year. It’s just harder to get fights. I looked at going to UFC to keep active, keep busy. I just wanted to see how I go against guys like Thiago Silva and Rashad Evans and see what it’s all about. Training was good! Stand-up wise nothing surprised but just on the floor or against the cage I found myself in trouble. I didn’t know what to do.” 

Slowinski went on to comment about the ground game

“It’s (ground game) something I know nothing about. It is, it might look messy and not as spectacular but it’s a lot of technique. A lot of positioning and you can get yourself in a lot of trouble if you do not know what you are doing.”

The promotion has yet to officially announce the event or venue.