King In The Ring – 8 Man Series Results

Event: King In The Ring – Super Middleweight 8 Man Tournament
Friday, 8 June 2018
Venue: Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua (New Zealand)


  • Carlos Hicks def. Mike ‘Blood Diamond’ via Decision (Unanimous) (8 Man Tournament Final)
  • Pettawee Sor Kittichai def. Dominic Reece via Decision (Unanimous)
  • Mike ‘Blood Diamond’ def. Vic Mechkov via Decision (Unanimous) (8 Man Tournament Semi Final #2)
  • Carlos Hicks def. David Watts via Decision (Unanimous) (8 Man Tournament Semi Final #1)
  • Ty Williams def. Tony Angelov via KO, Rd 3
  • Vic Mechkov def. Rehua Smallman via Decision (Unanimous) (8 Man Tournament Quarter Final #4)
  • Mike ‘Blood Diamond’ def. Mike Kapi via Decision (Unanimous) (8 Man Tournament Quarter Final #3)
  • Carlos Hicks def. Josh Marsters via KO, Rd 2 (8 Man Tournament Quarter Final #2)
  • David Watts def. Joey Parsons via Decision (Majority) (8 Man Tournament Quarter Final #1)
  • Aaron Cole def. Jon Anderson via KO, Rd 1
  • Zen Neething def. Dan Robertson via Decision (Unanimous)

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